Yum, yum: a vacation beverage for your enjoyment

Like most Canadians, we are off relaxing for the Civic Holiday today. A long weekend in the summer isn’t complete without a tasty drink, so here’s a recipe to mix up and enjoy in the sun.

This margarita comes courtesy of Quinn’s Steakhouse and Irish Bar. It doesn’t seem likely that an authentic Irish pub should be able to produce a great margarita, but Quinn’s Margarita hits the mark. Many joints in town use a processed, sugary mix instead of freshly squeezed juice. Don’t settle for the alternative. Once you go Quinn’s, you never go back — aside from great cocktails, they boast an amazing menu from chef Paul Pisa. Visit their site for more details and location.

Pssst — Follow the brand new @ilovequinns on Twitter for special offers and news from all Quinns Hospitality Group venues including Irish Embassy Pub and Grill, Shopsy’s, PJ O’Brien and Quinn’s Steakhouse and Irish Bar.

Happy Simcoe Day!

Quinn’s Margarita (makes one serving)
1 ½ oz. tequila
½ oz. Irish Mist whiskey
1 ½ oz. each fresh lime and orange juice
lime zest
Irish sea salt and sugar (for rimmer)
1. Pour tequila, Irish Mist and juices into a martini shaker. Add several ice cubes and lime zest.
3. Rim a martini glass with equal parts sea salt and sugar.
4. Pour drink into glass and sprinkle lime zest on top as garnish.
5. Enjoy!

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