Rave: enRoute Film Festival FREE Screening Tomorrow!

It’s no secret that we love film festivals, so we are thrilled about the enRoute Film Festival’s free public screening happening tomorrow at Scotiabank Theatre at 7 p.m. 
For the past four years, Air Canada has showcased emerging Canadian short filmmakers by screening their films on flights. Exposing our homegrown talent to millions of passengers on the in-flight entertainment system is brilliant, and gives people the option to see something other than the latest Hollywood blockbuster (not that there’s anything wrong with that).
This year, there’s an exciting lineup of both jury members and filmmakers who’ve been nominated for the prize ($5,000 from Cineplex Entertainment and a trip to the Whistler Film Festival). The jury is packed, with Alan Cumming, Carlo Rota, Denis Villeneuve, Jason Priestly, Jeremy Podeswa, Kari Skogland and Sheila McCarthy all lending their very noteworthy opinions about the films. Several of the jury members are attending the Awards Gala later on that evening at The Drake Hotel (by invitation only).

The exciting new filmmakers who’ve made the nominee list are: 

Sandrine Brodeur-Desrosiers Un Trou dans la Memoire
Rob Coxford, Josh Vamos and Marlaina D’Angelo Push Past: Rob Dyer’s Skate across Canada
Shervin Kermani and Aita Jason Sofia
King Mugabi Red Snow
Allessandro Piedmonte A Cut Above
Adam Shamash La Khaima: The Tent of Mile End
You can catch these films during the FREE public screening tomorrow night at Scotiabank Theatre (259 Richmond St. West). Or, if you’re flying Air Canada, check them out on your personal screen!  

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