Don’t let the "trick" in Halloween be your credit card statement

After chatting about the fun side of Halloween earlier this month, we’re also going to bring up the not-so-fun aspect: budgeting. 
Yes, talking about money is a drag. But it’s important, and not going into debt because you had to get your Avatar costume just right is a good thing. The glow of a well-executed costume will fade on November 1, but the sting of credit card debt will not depart so quickly.
Jeff Schwartz, executive director at Consolidated Credit Counseling Services of Canada, has some great tricks for fitting costumes and candy into your budget. 
– Don’t wait until the last minute to get something – you’ll end up shelling out more than you planned to. Instead, get creative early and scope out second hand stores. Value Village, the Salvation Army and Goodwill (to name a few) are treasure troves of great pieces to make a unique costume. Bonus? Your money goes toward helping out less-fortunate people.

 She’s having a ball! Image source.
– If you have kids, rummage through your closet to find some of your old stuff they can wear. They will think it’s hilarious to dress up in your stuff. Trust us.

 Cute, free and they’ll love it. Image source.
– Have a Halloween swap with friends or family members. You will probably think of a new costume to create out of their rock star wig, and they’ll give your old cape a new life. 
– If you hand out candy at your place, give the kids one or two pieces. They probably don’t need a whole handful from every house they visit.

Little dude probably doesn’t need that much candy. Image source 
– If you’re bringing candy to a party you’re attending, try making something yourself. It’s often much easier than you think to make yummy treats. Plus, they’ll be healthier and people will be impressed with your kitchen skills. Try these popcorn balls from Canadian Living. Yum. 
– Make your own decorations! There are a zillion DIY blogs, home and decor magazines and people who can give you inspiration and how-to. Again, impressed factor will be high with your friends. Being crafty is in. 
– Have a potluck-style dinner or snacks. Try making these Maggot Sliders as well (gross name, amazing taste).

 Maggot Sliders. Mmm. Image source.
– Go old-school and play games like Bobbing for Apples and Pass the Pumpkin. These games are fun for kids and adults. For grown-ups, you can work in some sort of… alcoholic aspect to these games if you like (although no guarantee this will help you save money).

 This is still as fun as it was when you were a kid. Image source.
“Most Canadians tend to overspend on holidays of any kind – these habits aren’t just limited to Christmas. It’s important to remember to include these one-off items in your family’s budget so you’re not caught off guard when the time comes to pay for these purchases,” said Schwartz. 
Don’t be like everyone else! You can still have an amazing time without spending tons of dough. 

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