Fashion-able: Dare to Wear Love


So, as we promised earlier this week, here is more about the incredible show that’s closing LG Fashion Week Beauty by L’Oréal Paris, Dare To Wear Love, this Friday at 8 p.m.

This is a feel-good part of LG Fashion Week, featuring amazing local creations to stare at down the runway. 

The show is an exciting collaboration between Hoax Couture, the Stephen Lewis Foundation, the FDCC and more than 25 incredibly talented Canadian designers. The task for each designer is to create an African-inspired look, for men or women, from six yards of brilliant fabric, sourced from the continent. The designs will be complemented by African music and dance.

Some of the designers showing are Brian Bailey, Evan Biddell, Damzels In This Dress, David Dixon, Comrags, Linda Lundström, Lucian Matis, Pat McDonagh, Jason Meyers, Nada, Kingi Carpenter, Izzy Camilleri, and many more. Phew! 

Nada’s concept for the 2010 DTWL show. 

A very cool part of the show is the eclectic mix of professional models, celebrity models and friends of the family that will model the creations. Some announced celebrities include Arlene Dickinson (Dragon’s Den), Tara Spencer-Nairn (Corner Gas), Dina Pugliese (Breakfast Television) and pop singer Keisha Chanté. Word on the street is that Evan Biddell’s mom will walk the runway for him (awww). 

Tickets are open to the public and available to purchase online for $59.99 or $300 for a VIP package (which includes one front or second row seat and a special gift bag). All tickets are being sold (no freebies!), with all proceeds going to the Stephen Lewis Foundation. The Foundation works with grassroots organizations in Africa to help combat the HIV/AIDS pandemic. 

Targeting grassroots organizations to receive funding is important – they’re on the ground, working directly with people affected, and can help implement solutions without as much bureaucratic red tape. Very cool. More info at their website.

  Money raised through ticket sales and auction benefit people affected by the HIV/AIDS pandemic in Africa, especially orphans and grandmothers. Image: Hilary Hall.

Another cool part? The fashions from last years’ show will be auctioned off to raise additional funds for the Foundation. The auction is online and is live today at 3 p.m.! More than 20 gorgeous gowns will be sold at a special auction site until Tuesday, November 2. 

Linda Lundström’s 2009 DTWL desgin, being auctioned now!

Please come out and support this very worthwhile show, and enjoy some fantastic fashion at the same time! We’ll see you there.

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