Meet Our Team: Christina

Christina, our publicity co-ordinator extraordinaire, is a master at charming a room full of people at any event. Before joining the team at rock-it, Christina honed her skills at other PR agencies. She loves events and fashion, and you can frequently find her smiling face featured in the society pages of major publications.

Twitter: @christinallison

How long have you been a part of the team?
I joined the team last March.

What is your guilty pleasure?
Blowouts at Ritual 2 (@Ritual2). I love getting my hair done before an event, and I’m not a girl that can do it perfectly myself.

What song gets you out on the dance floor?
Mariah Carey’s Fantasy (the remix, yo!).

Best gift you’ve ever received?
For Christmas, my mom enlarged and framed beautiful black and white photos of my grandparents. They were both very chic and handsome. I love having their photos up as a reminder of what amazing grandparents they are.

Best part about being a publicist? Fabulous events, parties, co-workers and clients.

A little more from the fourth floor:
Designer Evan Biddell.
Store Club Monaco.
Book Zen and The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance by Robert M. Pirsig.
Snack – Apples and peanut butter.
Season – Summer.
Sexy – Four-inch stilettos.
Inspiration – Good conversation.
Drink – Merlot.
Motto in two words – Laugh, live.


One thought on “Meet Our Team: Christina

  1. I concur with the choice of song. When I hear that beat I can't not dance, yo! Nextime I have something to publicize I'm for sure using Christina!

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