Yum, yum: Reposado Old Fashioned

A while back, we visited the Toronto Temperance Society (577A College Street) to taste-test some of their buzzed about drinks. They were extremely gracious hosts, and well, we left a bit buzzed ourselves!

The experience was something to blog home about, and they shared two recipes with us. The first was for one of their signature drinks, The Toronto Temperance.

They’ve shared another yummy concoction with us, called the Reposado Old Fashioned. You’ll only need one or two of these in a night, so sip with care and savour every drop.

Reposado Old Fashioned

½ oz agave syrup

Add all ingredients to a martini shaker.

Shake, and strain ingredients into a rock glass filled with chipped ice. 
Add orange zest, and enjoy!
This drink is simple, and the tastiness comes from the quality of ingredients. Use the highest-quality tequila and agave syrup you can find. You’ll notice the difference!

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