Yum Yum: Free Ice Cream Today!

Whether in heels or flats, there are few things in life worth running for. This week, there are two things that will raise our heartbeats and get us moving. The first is a David Beckham spotting (yes, he was in the city, Posh Spice not included), and the second is free ice cream.

Today, the country’s favourite team-buying website, TeamBuy.ca is giving us all something to scream about.
Image source.
To celebrate the start of spring, the jingling ice cream truck will make multiple stops around Toronto’s downtown core today. To get your very own complimentary chocolate swirl or vanilla cone, get running over to the ice cream truck when TeamBuy.ca hits your area.

Stops will include:
11 a.m. Queen Street and John Street
1 p.m. Yonge-Dundas Square
3 p.m. Bloor Street and St. George
5 p.m. Union Station 

To make this even better, anyone who subscribes to the daily email newsletter will get an extra 20 per cent off their first purchase – use the promo code icecream. 

Image source

So what are you waiting for? You know you want a cone! Our very own Lisa and Amalia will be waiting for you, along with the TeamBuy.ca crew. See you soon!


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