City Living: Swag Bags Do’s and Don’ts

Whether you’re a fashion week aficionado, a sophisticated girl-about-town or a fellow PR pro, we’re sure you have been handed a swag bag at some point in your social life. Swag bags, filled with branded goodies, have gone beyond being a “nice touch” and are now a standard expectation among attendees of many sponsored events. Not only are they an excellent marketing tool, if filled right, but a well-stocked bag can make an event memorable for your guests.

With LG Fashion Week quickly approaching, it’s likely that industry insiders all over the city are getting ready to start filling bags with treasures. We consider ourselves experts in the swag bag department so we’ve put together some gifting do’s and don’ts for when you’re ready to start stuffing pretty bags with prezzies.

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Do include press materials but keep it short and sweet. This is not the time to include lengthy press docs that no one will read. In this instance, less really is more. Save some trees by including a one-page release or info sheet that gets your point across.

Don’t include coupons. Unless you’re including a coupon for something that is completely free, skip it. If you want to offer a discount on products, try a gift card instead. A $10 gift card will be appreciated but a 10 per cent off coupon is a gift bag #fail.

You won’t find any coupons hiding in these sleek swag bags.

Do include food products but make sure they have a long shelf life. It just makes sense. Make sure that any food is packaged correctly and that there is little chance of spoilage.

Don’t use a flimsy bag. You do not want your guests’ bags to tear as they’re walking home or jumping in a cab. A decorative, reusable bag is a great option because it is another gift for your guests and can easily be branded by one of your sponsors.

These structured bags are sure to make a statement, and a comfortable home for all the goodies. 😉

Do start stuffing your swag bags early. As soon as you have an idea of how many guests you’ll be gifting, start putting the bags together. It seems like it will be an easy thing to manage but you’ll be busy with a lot of tasks on the day of your event. It takes a long time to put them together, trust us on this one.

Finally, pack it with items that are useful and not too heavy. If we’re wearing heels and have had a few cocktails, it’s difficult to lug around a 100 lb. bag. That free coffee maker is great to get, but consider sending it to us after. Most women will give a new gloss or a mascara a try (and we’re fairly faithful – if it’s good, we’ll buy it next round). Our favourite things? Perfume, snacks, shampoo, mascara and razors (we’re looking at you, LGFW).

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