Rave: Quick & easy spots for pre-event food, beauty and hair fixes

It’s not news – being a publicist goes hand in hand with working and attending events. With exciting days and busy nights, finding time to make sure we look and dress the part sometimes ends up on a lower rung of the ladder. That doesn’t mean it’s not important to us. It just means letting go of our usual haunts and finding new places close to the office that we head to for a quick fix. Here are some of our spots for a polish change, a blow-out, a quick snack, a new outfit and our favourite winter accessory to give any outfit some spiked punch.


We are so fond of Mosheta, the (fairly) new hair, nail and makeup spot on Queen St. W. The minute a chip is spotted, we hop, skip and jump across the street for a helping hand. With a nail polish change for $10, not only is time saved but money is too – we don’t always have time for the full manicure, so fake it with a shiny new coat of OPI’s latest and greatest. If you can invest one full hour on your lunch break, Mosheta also blows your hair out to perfection. We are regulars here and stand by the pink graffiti‘ed name. 534 Queen St. W., 647.344.3442

Falafel Queen

Don’t let the exterior sway you, or the smell of Smoke’s Poutinerie lead you next door (poutine pre-event is not the best idea). When time is not on our side, food inevitably gets put on the back burner. Our discovery of Falafel Queen has turned our hunger pangs around. For $2, a small container of their homemade hummus lasts for two days and is fresh and simple (read: good for you). Add a bag of baby carrots from the local Loblaw store and it is truly one of our greatest snack discoveries. Be sure to have some strong mints on hand after your snack. The hummus is delicious, but garlicky. 576 Queen St W., 416.504.9736
Yes, that is a Herve Leger mini that you can rent. 
Located (too conveniently at times) right in our building, Remix is one of the best places in Toronto to rent an entire outfit – they have shoes, accessories and designer dresses. In our industry, recycling the same outfits again and again is not an option, but we don’t want to buy a new outfit 3x a week either. Remix rental is a time and budget-saver.  If you fall in love with your outfit, you can buy it at a discounted price. 639 Queen Street W., 2nd floor

Take this tip and run with it : Joe Fresh has the greatest assortment of tights at killer prices. Black leopard print, grey cheetah print, an assortment of opaque colours – such a simple, and necessary winter accessory becomes a cool addition to an outfit. While we might be wearing black most of the time, we mix it up with every colour and pattern of tight under the rainbow and always have a spare pair on hand. Thanks, Joe. 585 Queen Street W., 416.703.3419

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