DIY: Halloween Makeup

Happy Halloween! We
might be scared of ghosts, goblins and things that go boo in the night, but we
love taking in the wide array of costumes that come with this pseudo-holiday, especially those that display some
wit and artistry. And, boy, are we ready to indulge in the treats of the
While we all have an
inner geek or diva to tap for costume inspiration (and know how we want to dress our pets too) most of us aren’t trained
special effects makeup artists. Not to fear! We’ve found some tricks up our sleeves that are sure to earn you extra treats tonight. Check out these great
tutorials from the fourth floor and beyond:
Fake wounds:
Not for the faint of
heart. All you need is a little bit of flesh latex, fake blood, red, taupe,
brown and black makeup, a sponge, toothpicks and Q-tips to make an incredibly realistic
gash or laceration like the one below.
  1. Clean the area you want to build a wound on of dirt and oil.
  2. Apply flesh latex to the area and use Q-tips to create the shape of an open wound. Trick one: to add more detail/jagged edges wait until the latex is semi-dry and sticky, then use toothpicks to mould it. Trick two: to create the illusion of a deeper wound, use tissue paper with the latex to build up the outer area of the wound (note: this will require more drying time).
  3. Once the latex is dry, use the sponge to apply coloured makeup. Add shading that calls to mind bruising or putrid, rotting flesh.
  4. Add fake blood to the centre of the wound and smear some outside it.

Eye-popping alterations:

Are you channelling a cartoon character or starlet from Hollywood’s golden days this year? It doesn’t take much outside the standard makeup kit to make your peepers pop. If you don’t have these around you may want to pick up: false lashes, lash glue, black liquid liner and a white eye pencil. The more committed may want to pick up some eyebrow wax and sealer.
  1. Apply concealer and foundation to create a smooth skin finish.
  2. Apply eyeshadow as usual, using your character for inspiration to determine colour and intensity.
  3. Line the top of the upper lash line with a black liquid liner (again using your character’s look as a guide: for example, thicker for Betty Boop and thinner for Marilyn Monroe) and the inside of the lower lash with the white pencil.
  4. Fake lashes: Glue on your falsies. For the beginner, we recommend strips rather than singles. Before applying the lashes hold them up to the lashline you are applying them to – you may need to trim the length so they fit comfortably. If you’re using professional eyelash glue, apply it to the base of the fake lashes and wait for it to get tacky before pressing them on (most drugstore glue brands will be tacky right away). Position the falsies and wait a couple minutes for them to fully dry before applying mascara.
    *Tip: use a foaming face wash to remove the eyelashes. If you wash the glue off the base after removal and reform the falsies before leaving them to dry they can be used again.
  5. Brand new brows: Either use eye shadow and/or a brow pencil to fill the eyebrows in so that they have the distinctive linear quality of a cartoon character or cover the eyebrows and draw the preferred shape on with liner. Covering the eyebrows can be a tricky process that requires patience more than anything. First, use a professional eyebrow wax followed by a sealant or a glue stick to cover over the brows. The best bet if you’re using a glue stick (just make sure it is washable and water-based, you MacGyver) is to coat the brows in the direction of hair growth and allow the glue to set in several thin layers since they go on smoother and dry better. Once the brows are fully dry, cover them over with foundation and follow with a loose powder. Now you’re free to draw on new brows or even affix a feather or bit of lace. *Tip: don’t lose those real full brows trying to remove the makeup after. Press a warm, damp wash cloth to the area to loosen up the sealant before attempting to remove it with soap; you can add eye makeup remover to the mix as well. If you’re nervous it doesn’t hurt to test the product somewhere else first!

Remember this is a fun holiday – it’s not about perfection. For most of us the opportunity to go crazy with makeup only comes around once a year so we are itching to try something new. Here are a few more inspiring tutorials if you’re feeling ambitious:


Rave: Divas playlist

Working in an office of all girls has many perks – there’s always mascara to borrow, boy advice to be given and no one cringes when you talk about your time of the month. One slow-moving afternoon, when we all needed a little motivation, we spontaneously created what we believe is the greatest playlist of all time. The theme? Divas. 

Now, what makes a diva you ask? There’s a few criteria that come into play. You should be recognizable by your first name (i.e. Whitney, Celine, Beyonce, Aretha, etc). A set of pipes that can hit the highest of high octaves is helpful. Being notorious for insane demands basically guarantees you a spot (see: Mariah being carried everywhere, Madonna making TIFF volunteers face the wall). Finally, even if your vocals are sub-par, getting Ben Affleck to rub your booty in a music video means you’ve earned the diva title. 

Take a listen to the playlist (below) and let us know if you think we’re missing anyone. Tweet @rockitpromo if you have some diva-licious suggestions. 

Fashion-able: Dress Your Pet for Halloween

Halloween… our pets’ time to shine, or their worst nightmare? Probably a little bit of both. On the fourth floor we’re strong promoters of everything and anything cute, so we’ve wrangled a few of our furry friends into some costumes, and rounded up some inspiration pics that shouldn’t be missed. Halloween is just a couple of days away – does your pet have a costume yet?

We’re definitely not above matching pet/owner costumes. Think dynamic duos: Calvin and Hobbes, Lone Ranger and Tonto, Scooby and Shaggy, Dorothy and Toto… endless possibilities here. We’re loving this adorable Batman/Robin duo. 

You’ll never find a better sidekick than your dog, so why not dress him in the part?
Image from @nicolebreanne

Let your pet’s breed or colouring influence their costume. All this little Chewbacca needs is an owner dressed up like Han Solo, and commitment to a grooming plan that starts weeks before October 31st.  

Image source.

Allow your Chihuahua to embrace his heritage by giving him a tiny little sombrero.

Winston shows the camera some love.
Photo credit: Todd Gillis.

Halloween isn’t just for dogs! Imagine how much fun you’d have wrangling your cat into this Harry Potter costume.

This cat obviously loves being Harry.
Image source.

If you’re not quite ready to go for the full hat/glasses option with your cat, adding a lion’s mane might be an easier option.

Image source.

Some pets enjoy dressing up more than others. This little superhero puppy loves the camera!

Up, up and away!
Image source.

The key is to pick a costume they can’t wiggle out of, as much as they try. This isn’t cruel – they’ll end up having a great time, we promise.

Kisu is a little pumpkin who’s given up trying to fight.

Sometimes all you need is a little hair accessory. Recommended for the misbehaving dog who just won’t stop struggling.

Georgie is all ready for Halloween with her orange and black hair bows

Just like humans, pets experience solidarity in numbers. A group costume prevents your pup from feeling awkward or out of place.

A gold star for the pet owner who trained all these dogs to sit and pose.
Image source

Don’t let the size of your pet limit your imagination!

Apparently guinea pigs enjoy dressing up for Halloween.. who knew?
Image source.

Is your pet dressing up for Halloween this year? Don’t be selfish – tweet us a picture @rockitpromo.

WMCFashionWeek: Fave moments

World MasterCard Fashion Week is almost over and it still feels like it’s just begun. It’s been an incredible week in both the studio and in the runway venue, including some surprises like the 5 Gum Black Collection Greta Constantine presentation on Wednesday.

When we do get a moment between shows, there are so many fabulous outfits to take in that it seems the whole week has flown by in the blink of an eye. But, for each of us, a moment or two stood out from the rest. 

Here are just a few of our fave moments:

We love being at the front of the runway room entrance. From that spot we can see so much of the action in the fashion environment and hundreds of familiar faces and friends as they go into the shows. It’s a lot of big, positive energy that passes through that entry; energy that is passed to us and, most importantly, the designers. We love that.

The awesome neon light installation at the runway room entrance.

This week we were fortunate enough to rock some pieces from the new L by Linda Lundstrom collection. A couple of us even got street styled because of it!

Michelle and Andie on
Another favourite was Arthur Mendonça‘s 10th anniversary collection. Being a vet in the Canadian fashion industry, Arthur was cool, calm and collected. We loved running his proud mom, Marie, to her front row seat and – of course – everything on the runway!

Image courtesy of Steve Alkok and It’s All Style To Me.

Cleveland strutting her stuff during the
Joe Fresh show was pretty amazing. Even
though some of us only got a glimpse from backstage, it was clear that her walk is as iconic as she is and it was
great to hear the massive applause she got from the crowd!

Image courtesy of Steve Alkok and It’s All Style To Me.
Duy Nguyen backstage immediately after winning the Mercedes-Benz Start Up
Program for emerging designers was a great moment. He was so genuinely humble and overwhelmed – we can’t wait to see his fall 2013 show this spring.

Duy and his lovely models right after winning the competition.
A surprising moment was
witnessing some “show birds” strutting their stuff down the Korhani Home runway
on the arms of a couple very sharp looking models. 
Backstage, the gorgeous parrots were celebrities in their own right with
camera phones and flash bulbs going off every few seconds. Rumour has it
that these birds were actually imported from the Vegas strip so there would be
minimal noise.  And it worked – the birds were very professional!

Image courtesy of Steve Alkok and It’s All Style To Me.

For some of us who are a newer to Toronto’s most fashionable week, meeting Jeanne Beker was a huge highlight. Not only is she truly stunning (and, as expected, decked out in timeless, stylish wear), she is down to earth and incredibly positive and supportive of the designers. We always love meeting people who share the love.

We are looking forward to the Travis Taddeo show tonight. We love his signature sleek, minimalist dresses that are within our budgets. 

Finally, one of the best moments of every season always comes after the final shows ends and the rock-it team has a celebratory cocktail to toast a job well done.

Media, Darling: Gracie Carroll

Gracie Carroll is a blogger and freelance writer who covers lifestyle, culture, fashion, beauty and events. After completing the four year Fashion Communication program at Ryerson, she packed up and moved down to New York City to intern in the fashion department of Teen Vogue magazine

After six months in NYC, Gracie hopped across the pond to London. Following some PR work and online writing, the stars aligned and she met with the Executive Fashion Editor of ELLE UK for a fateful coffee which turned into a role at the magazine – assisting their fashion features director.

For the last few years she has been back in Toronto working on her blog, writing for ELLECanada.comPostCity.comFILLERmagazine and Plaid Magazine. Sometimes she throws parties and organizes events too, because she likes doing those sorts of things.
Twitter: @GracieCarroll

Did you
always want to be in the media? If not, what other careers were on the horizon?

I’ve always wanted to work in fashion. When I was a little
kid I hoped to be a supermodel, but as I got older that changed to wanting to
work for a magazine. Magazines always appealed to me because I thought they
were one great place where I could combine my love for fashion, photography,
writing and art direction. When I was a teenager I also tossed around the ideas
of being a lawyer, doctor, bartender and/or VJ.

Where would
you like to be five years from now?

I’m a Scorpio, and we’re very secretive, so I can’t tell you

Any advice
for people getting started in your industry?

Work hard to get the internships you want, and work even
harder once you get them. The lessons you learn while interning, not to
mention the connections you can make, are often far more beneficial to you than
your education, or what school you went to. A lot of it comes down to who you
are, and who you know  – along with your talent, of course. Living and
working outside of Canada, not one person ever asked where I went to school. It
was about what I was bringing to the table.

What are
your favourite media outlets, not including your own? 

ELLE UK, Refinery29, Fashionista, Globe & Mail Style,
The Coveteur, ‘Thank You, OK‘. 

interview you’ve ever had? Worst?

I fell in love with Giles Deacon when I interviewed him
last year. It was also fun to chat with Anna Dello Russo on the phone back in
London – I’ve still got her number in my iPhone contacts! 

Best advice
you’ve ever been given?

Believe in yourself (from a tarot card reader in Paris).

What rule(s)
do you live your life by?

Go for what you want in life. It’s up to you to make your
dreams come true. 

What’s the
most important tip you can give PR pros?

Don’t pitch stories or clients that make absolutely no
sense for the publication. It’s a waste of everyone’s time and will help you
lose credibility very quickly.  

experience you’ve had with a PR pro? We love to hear about #wins.

It actually just happened in Calgary over the
weekend. I told a Calgary PR I wanted to visit a spa and a restaurant for lunch
before I flew out the next day. Within two hours she had me booked and
confirmed with a full itinerary and transportation sorted. Aside from answering
any questions I had, or solving any problems I’d created, she completely left
me alone to enjoy the experience – bliss.

I hate?


I love?

The special people in my life that make it so much


ELLE UK‘s October Issue and Life by Keith Richards 

Best place
on earth?

My cottage, but I’m biased. 


My best friend, Rachel. She’s been the best dinner
guest since grade four. 


My mom. 

app (or whatever you are downloading these days)?

Instagram, Rocket Man, UBER, and Epicurious. 

Pool or

Infinity pool into the ocean. 

Voicemail or

I hate both but email if I have to choose. 

Fashion week
show you’re most looking forward to?

Lucian Matis. 

Fashion-able: WMCFW street style

If you’ve attended a fashion show before, you know that half the fun is people-watching show attendees to see what they’re wearing. While a fashion show heralds trends that are coming, street style showcases what’s hot now. We’re only on day three of World MasterCard Fashion Week but so far, our socks have been knocked off by the fashion we’ve spotted off the runway. Check out some of our top picks below!

Capes and the colour of the season (oxblood). These two make for a killer duo.

We love Fiona Green‘s patterned pants and shearling vest. 
Comfort, without sacrificing style. Works for us.

Fur, patterns and maxi dresses. Take note, people. This is how it’s done.

Let’s hear it for the boys! Greta Constantine‘s Kirk and Jesse both sporting tasseled loafers.

Her fur coat elevates the casual varsity T.

While we’re suckers for a tutu, the coordinated polka dot purse + socks is what caught our eye.

No matter what Stacey McKenzie is wearing, she’s always pairs it with a smile. 

Big thanks to Lisa Riedel for snapping our street style looks!  

World MasterCard Fashion Week: Day one recap

There is nothing quite like the
opening night of
World MasterCard Fashion Week. The excitement is palpable as
fashion industry, media and addicts catch up at their bi-annual reunion while
waiting for the doors to open.

Once everyone is seated, a hush falls
and before the lights get brighter and the music starts pounding out the beat
of a catwalk strut, the anticipation builds for the first glimpse of spring/summer 2013. Here are some of our favourite looks
from day one:
Holt Renfrew came out with their
fall/winter 2012 line-up, which is fun since every single look is in store and can be purchased now. Instant satisfaction. Fashion-forward, elegant looks made for a great start to the evening.

Image courtesy of Steve Alkok, Its All Style To Me.
We love this combo of solids and prints, it’s preppy with a fashion twist from MSGM, Kate Spade and Ela.
Image courtesy of Steve Alkok, Its All Style To Me.
This Pavoni gown is stunning. It deserves a red carpet.
Image courtesy of Steve Alkok, Its All Style To Me.
Glamorous, sleek cuts combined with crisp colour blocking make this top to bottom Celine look a winner.
Kimberley Newport-Mimran wowed again with Pink Tartan‘s Spring/Summer 2013 combining lady-like fabrics and styles with girlie prints and alterations.

Image courtesy of Steve Alkok, Its All Style To Me.
This look is the epitome of youth, fashion and class.
Image courtesy of Steve Alkok, Its All Style To Me.
Seafoam green will make a return next spring, as evidenced with this lovely dress.

Image courtesy of Steve Alkok, Its All Style To Me.
We love the texture and shine in this glamorous-yet-demure outfit.
Pavoni closed the night with a spectacular display of sumptuous gowns. Designers Mike Derderian and Gianni Falcone explored glamour with delicate lace overlays that sparkled in the runway lights. 

Image courtesy of Steve Alkok, Its All Style To Me.
We love this simple dress, made exquisite with lace overlay.

Image courtesy of Steve Alkok, Its All Style To Me.
The deep cut and fabulous styling make us think of all the divas who could rock this on the red carpet.

Image courtesy of Steve Alkok, Its All Style To Me.
The name Chateau de Versailles is fitting for this collection of showpiece dresses.