Fashionable: Eyewear Trends of 2013

Listen up four-eyes; you always knew it would come to this.  In middle school, you were the one squinting
at the board. When Lasik became a thing, you started rolling your pennies. When
the 20/20s were saying “I wish
I had
glasses” you were like, talk to me when you have calluses behind your ears. But
lo, it’s finally YOUR TIME. Now you see
all these white-belt scenesters walking around with their plastic no-prescription lenses and
you are the
ultimate face accessory hipster. We’ve rounded up some of our favourite glasses looks for 2013, PLUS we’re giving away a pair of Derek Cardigan glasses from Clearly Contacts (details at the bottom of the post).

wore glasses before they were cool, because you NEEDED them. When we
look at you, we aren’t seeing this:

“Nice glasses! They cover your face hawhawhaw”.

We’re seeing this:
And this:
And we are celebrating. Because we love you and your slightly flawed windows to the soul, and we
are sorry you can’t really get that much out of scuba diving (do they make prescription
goggles?), we are dedicating today to the top eyewear trends of 2013.
Cat Eye

Let us be clear: the cat eye frame is not for cat
 The frame’s flared outer edges
and distinct style is a bold fashion choice that conveys confidence and sex
 They bring a vintage feel and a
whole lot of sass.
 Notable cat eye
wearers: Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn and of course, Lisa Loeb.

Dramatic Patterns

Let’s face it; we can’t all rock animal print all the time. A dramatic patterned frame is a great way to
spice up a drab ensemble.
 Also, you may
find a solid colour frame to be too harsh on lighter skin tones and a
tortoiseshell frame is a perfect compromise.

Colourful Arms

If you want a subtler look face-on, but still want to show
your dramatic side, then colourful armed frames are the way to go. This way you get the best of both worlds; a
versatile frame that you can wear day and night, as well as an extra dimension
of style and flare.
Statement Frames

If you just have one of those faces that can’t commit to a
rectangular or square frame, statement frames are made for you.
 Just a bit more pronounced than your average
frame, statement frames are just that – a statement.
 YOU wear these babies, they don’t wear you.
Keyhole detailing

Keyhole cut bridges are a fun detailing that can range from
very pronounced to hardly noticeable. This
funky retro look can be seen on some of our favourite modern style icons and is
a unique way to rock a classic frame.
Got a vision deficiency and want to stay on trend? The first fourth floor follower to tweet a
pic of their favourite coke-bottled celeb to @rockitpromo will win a FREE pair
of Derek Cardigan frames from

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