City Living: Perks of a Publicist BFF

After the positive response to our “Pros and Cons of dating a PR pro” post, we decided to examine another type of relationship that our jobs affect. Then it hit us – we make for pretty rad BFFs. Why is that? Well, we’re glad you asked!

Met a cute new guy at a party? No problemo. Our social media savvy (read: supreme stalking skills) means we’ll find out where he works, his relationship status, the name of his puppy and his favourite sports team by the end of the following work day. 

Happy freaking birthday. 

Built in event-planner. From red carpets to intimate media dinners to launch parties for 300, we’ve organized events of every shape and size. How does this benefit you? Well, over the course of our friendship we’re sure you’ll need assistance planning a birthday party, bridal shower or Cinco de Mayo fiesta. Because we love you, you get our services free of charge. On the flip side, we know this makes us a little intimidating to throw a party for. Pro tip: fancy balloons, flowers and lots of bubbly wins us over, every time. 

“It’s, like, a totally important designer.” 

A closetful of party dresses. Again, the life of a publicist involves many, many events. This means we’ve spent way more money than we’d care to admit on new clothes. The downside is that we get sick of them pretty quickly, especially after a particularly event-heavy time like TIFF, and are delighted to share with our bestie. 

Samantha Jones, the ultimate PR BFF.

Your ticket to the inside. We don’t want to hammer home the point, but hammer home we shall: the life of a PR girl involves many events. Lucky for you, we sometimes get to bring our BFFs along for the ride. Free food and drinks, eclectic guest lists, first listens of new albums and bands, fancy venues and perhaps best of all, the occasional stocked swag bag all definitely beats the pizza and reality TV-fueled evenings you normally spend together. 

Look at this face. You can take us anywhere!

We’re great plus ones. Whether we’re accompanying you to a random house party or heading to a super-exclusive event, we’re pretty awesome dates. We can hold our own chatting with strangers but chances are we know most of the people in the room, so can entertain you with insider info all night long. We can also map out the hors d’oeurves serving route within the first 5 minutes of arriving, so you’ll never go hungry.  

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