Rave: New music playlist

Us rock-it-eers love music, and you’ll always hear an 8tracks, rdio or Songza playlist coming from our office. A new year means new music, so out with the old and in with the new. Don’t get us wrong, we’ll always listen to old faves (see: the Divas playlist) but every now and then we like to inject our iTunes with some new material. Whether it’s a familiar artist with a new song or a new artist we think will make it big, here’s what we’re currently listening to on the fourth floor. 

Bonus video: we recently checked out the AGO’s 1st Thursdays, and saw the below group perform live. We danced to the pow wow-based tunes and had worked up quite a sweat by the end of their set. We’ll definitely be checking them out again the next time they’re in town, but in the meantime you can download their album (for free!) at www.electricpowwow.com