Fashion-able: Fashion isn’t always shallow (video)

The Power Publicist Meets a Power Ranger
Kelly Cutrone and Matt Austin Sadowski dish on Amma in Toronto.

Last week, rock-it promotions teamed up with People’s Revolution to help spread the word about the amazing humanitarian, Amma, who recently visited Toronto as part of a North American tour. The event was a huge success – thousands and thousands of people came to receive darshan, or a blessing in the form of a deep and sincere hug.

Most people have gotten to know Cutrone as a tough love fashion PR guru on The Hills, The City and Kell On Earth. While this may make up a part of her personality, in reality (not the pseudo-reality of “reality” TV), she is an open, warm and spiritual person.

Kelly has been genuinely affected by Amma and her message of love. She is committed to using her fame and notoriety to help spread the word – pro bono. Plus, she’s funny, sarcastic and has personality to spare.
Here’s an unedited insider’s glimpse of the real KC at our offices on the fourth floor. Stay tuned for a future Q&A with her and more projects with rock-it and People’s Rev!  Check out her regular web series Wake Up and Get Real (co-hosted by Justine Bateman) or pick up her NY Times best seller If You Have To Cry, Go Outside.