Yum, yum: Apple Pocket Pie Maker

Mmmmm….apples and cinnamon and puff pastry.

Happy Thanksgiving! We’re off enjoying delicious turkey and stuffing with our families, but we still wanted to share a simple idea that you can use to whip up a cute dessert at your next holiday meal (or any time you’re craving something sweet!)

 This gadget acts as a shape-cutter and mold for the lil’ pies.

The Apple Pocket Pies are an amazing fall dessert. They look and taste impressive, but are honestly so simple to make. Buying frozen pastry saves oodles of time, and ensures they’ll turn out.

 Not a baker. But they turned out nicely.

The rock-it team tested these by baking them last week (the baker is not normally a baker) and devoured them all the next morning. They, quite simply, rock.

You can pick up the Apple Pocket Pie Maker (with recipe) from PC Home (Loblaw and Real Canadian Superstore locations) for just $4.99. Isn’t that sweet?

 The plate was wiped clean in a matter of minutes. Hey, we work hard!