Media, Darling: Bonnie Munday

Bonnie Munday has been heading up Best Health magazine, now celebrating its third anniversary, since launching in spring 2008. The talented and energetic editorial team keep each other on their toes: “We are all very aware of the need, thanks to our jobs, to exemplify a healthy lifestyle. It’s a great motivation for eating smarter and exercising more,”  said Munday.
Previously, Munday had the good fortune to have lived and worked as a writer and editor based in Sydney, and in Hong Kong, in the heady days of the 1990s before the British colony was returned to China. She lives in Toronto (Roncesvalles neighbourhood) with her husband.

How did you get your start as an editor?
My course has been a little unusual: I got my start as a fact checker with Maclean-Hunter, then worked in Hong Kong for six years, returned to Canada to edit a business magazine, then joined Reader’s Digest Canada, where I am now. (Reader’s Digest publishes Best Health). I couldn’t be more thrilled to have been a part of shaping Best Health and continuing to lead an excellent team heading into our third birthday. Since my early days in magazines, I’ve often felt that starting at the bottom is the best thing you can do in this profession (of course, sometimes it’s your only choice). Knowing the nuts and bolts of the stories that go into a magazine helps you on the path of figuring out how to lead one.

What was your favourite class in high school? Why?
English literature (of course!), because I love reading and writing.

If you weren’t a Media, Darling, what would you be doing right now?
I’d probably still be one, but somewhere in Southeast Asia. I love that part of the world, although to me, Canada is truly where it’s at.

Pitching or follow up: Phone or email?
Email, please! But if you do pitch by telephone, please say what it is you are specifically pitching, and why you think Best Health is a good fit. “Teaser” voicemails are a waste of time.

We know irrelevant pitches, calling you the wrong name and eight follow-ups are no-no’s; what else should publicists avoid doing?
Please don’t send us product information that doesn’t include the retail price and where to purchase it, and please don’t send us photographs of a product unless the product’s packaging is correct.

Sunrise or sunset? Sunset, with a cold martini in hand.
Scent? I don’t have a one-and-only. Right now I am switching back and forth between Chanel No.5 and Tom Ford Neroli Portofino. I’m open to something different after those run out.
Cookie? Chocolate chip with walnuts.
Flower? Pink tulips.
Ticklish? Very.
Shower or bath? A shower to revive, a bath to relax. (Can you tell I’m a Gemini?)
Film? The Talented Mr. Ripley. Or maybe Il Postino. No, I’ve got it: To Have and Have Not (Lauren Bacall is brilliant!).
Crush? Truly, my husband, Jules. But if he became Daniel Craig for a day I guess I could live with that.
First job? Selling subscriptions to the Oakville Journal Record newspaper.
Inspiration? Aung San Suu Kyi. How that woman has continued to stand up for her convictions at the expense of her own freedom, and time with her loved ones, is incredible.