JetSet: New Zealand

This post, we’re taking you Down Under. Nope, not Australia. Go east and you’ll hit New Zealand – one of our favourite trips ever! When you think of this pair of islands (yep, it’s a pair of islands), you probably picture huge herds of sheep and Hobbits roaming the hills, but this stunning country
is so much more than that. New Zealand is home to some of the most beautiful scenery in the world: mountains, glaciers
and oceans, that offer some fantastic tourist attractions. With no lack of opportunities for adventure,
here are a few of the must-do’s while visiting
The Land of the Long White Cloud.

For a little bit of
Take in some culture in Rotorua and spend a night learning about the Maori, the first people to arrive in NZ. You can spend an evening at a
hangi, a traditional Maori dinner where the food is cooked underground. You can watch a show and embarrass yourself while learning to dance the haka, the traditional war dance of the Maori people.

A Maori “Hello”.
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For the sports lover:
Wellington is home to the Westpac Stadium. 
It’s a great spot to catch a cricket match and the atmosphere at the stadium is always intense and crazy. Hardcore fans don’t give a second thought
about spending eight hours or more watching a match. Be prepared to watch the sun go down while
the game is still in full swing. Obvious insert: lots of beer is flowing and the fans are rowdy! Or if you’re lucky enough to score tickets, watch the All Blacks 
in action, NZ’s world-famous rugby team. Make sure to get there plenty early – you don’t want to miss their intimidating performance of the haka, their routine before every game.

The mighty All-Blacks logo.
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For the brave:
Once you’ve crossed the Cook Strait via ferry and have arrived
on the South Island, you need to get yourself to Queenstown, the world’s adventure
capital; basically a thrill seeker’s dream come true. If you’re more on the tame side,
you will either want to rustle up some courage, or find a nice spot to watch from
the sidelines. This beautiful city will
have you strategically timing your meals, because there’s no lack of attractions
here that won’t make you lose your lunch.

Crossing the Cook Strait.
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Queenstown is the home of the world’s very first bungee jump and offers
some crazy adventures like the
Nevis Bungee (134 metres high) and the Nevis Canyon Swing, the world’s tallest swing.

Gorgeous Queenstown.
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you’re not a fan of potentially plummeting to your death, you can go whitewater
rafting in the Shotover River. A wickedly fun time that will have you laughing
so hard it will take a bit of the edge off the fear.
Zorbing is a little less risky but just as fun. Basically, you jump into a huge plastic ball
filled with water and you roll down a hill. 
Yes, we know it sounds kinda odd, but it’s totally awesome!

The Zorb. Look how fun that is.
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For the athlete: If
you’ve been going to the gym on the regular, a climb up Franz Josef Glacier is
an awesome experience. During the climb,
you will definitely be questioning your fitness level and swearing under your
breath at the guide who tells you to hurry up. But once at the top, the view is worth the intense, literal pain in your butt.

Who woulda thought – a glacier in New Zealand?
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For the fantasy
 There is a cool Lord of the Rings tour (wink, wink Natalie), but the Waitomo Caves are pretty rad and fairly easily conquered if you
don’t mind the dark and the cold. This is a great option if you’re
not one who wants to see your life flash before your eyes. Here, you can go underground
to do some cave tubing and see the famous glow worms.

Yes – it actually looks like this.
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To escape: If you
want a laid back and beautiful experience, you need to head down to
Milford Sound and take an overnight cruise, where you can lie under the stars at night
and see some amazing wildlife during the day. You’ll see your share of dolphins, penguins and fur seals.

Above: Beautiful Milford Sound

Below: Teeny penguins, just hangin’ out

If you ever get the chance to head to this breathtaking country, take it. You’ll leave with some amazing experiences and maybe a
couple of bruises, but you could discover your inner dare-devil and your weakness
for a great accent.

Fashion-able: Olympic collaborations

The Olympics are quite the magical force for bringing people and
countries together, and eliciting a certain pride in your nation. The opening
ceremony is among one of the most exciting spectacles and millions of viewers
around the globe tune in to watch…what everyone’s wearing. Yes, the opening
ceremonies have taken on a new role apart from the kick-off to the games: a
fashion show! Designers team up with athletic brands to put their patriotic
stamp of approval on the outfits worn by their nation’s champions.

In an effort to maintain good karma for my fellow canucks, we won’t disclose which country’s garb we think looks like a flight attendant’s get-up,
Ronald MacDonald outfit, a gym class uniform or a break dancing crew…but here are a few highlights.

Excuse us for not
including our friends south of the boarder who are outfitted in Ralph Lauren
but see the Aussies below and you’ll get the gist.
We’d put ourselves in the 63 per cent of TIME
Magazine readers
who vote “Team Jamaica” as the best Olympic uniforms- look
how bright and fun they are! Cedella
(daughter of the late great one, himself) designed the green and
yellow gear infused with Jamaican pride and serious style, in addition to the
athletic gear that three-time gold medallist sprinter Usain Bolt will wear across the
finish line.

Leave to the uber-cool and celeb-fave, Stella McCartney (@StellaMcCartney) to design not
the opening ceremony uniforms, but the sportswear that both the 2012 Olympic
and paraolympic teams will compete in. McCartney, who is also acting as Adidas’
creative director for this year’s Olympics, spent two years designing the line
that more than 900 athletes will sport.  A
challenge for McCartney to put function so far ahead of fashion; we think you
succeeded, Stella! Again.
Ooh la la! Luxury brand HERMES heads back to its riding
roots by designing the jackets for France’s equestrian show jumping and
eventing teams for this year’s Olympic games. Ever-so-stylish France will also
strut their athletics selves in Adidas sophistication for the opening
ceremonies: white pants and a black trench.
Team Australia played it safe with their green and white
ensemble in collaboration with Australian clothing company, Sportscraft, complete with a
perfectly preppy gold crest. We love a good crest! The uniforms were designed
by Australian swimmer, 2012 Olympic contender and gold medalist, Libby Trickett
(@libby_trickett) and showcase their pride. After this year’s game, Trickett
will be available for her next joint ‘fashion’ venture….anyone?
Adidas teamed up with Team Netherlands to create their white trimmed jackets and Olympic outfits with pops of pantone and cobalt. Kudos to the design team for their modern cuts and punchy styling. Kinda feels a little Joe Fresh-y, no? 

Karl Lagerfeld:
For those who don’t want to pick one country in particular, while not an official uniform, Karl Lagerfeld launched an Olympic-themed collection this week, available at Selfridges. Featuring splattered denim, collars and fitted jackets, his collection has a common theme – gold! We can just picture Choupette rocking a gold collar…