Fashion-Able: Man Repelling Street Style

Last weekwe had the opportunity to go see the man repeller herself, Leandra Medine at the Holts Muse blog launch party. Guests mingled, drank, took lots of photos and generally looked uber stylish on the third floor of Holt Renfrew. If you’re not quite sure whether your outfit is attracting or repelling men, the technical definition from Leandra is as follows:
MAN·RE·PELL·ER1 [MAHN-REE-PELLER] noun: Outfitting oneself in a sartorially offensive way that will result in repelling members of the opposite sex. Such garments include, but are not limited to harem pants, boyfriend jeans, overalls (see: human repelling), shoulder pads, full length jumpsuits, jewelry that resembles violent weaponry and clogs.
We love the chance to try out new styles and experiment with fashion, despite what anyone thinks. Leandra may have said it best when she came to Toronto: “at the end of the day, you’re not dressing to repel men, you’re dressing to make yourself happy…” and we’re generally a pretty happy bunch. We grabbed our camera and snapped some shots of the style-conscious party-goers with our best man repelling highlights. 

Blogger Anita Clarke was rocking some harem pants and a mean arm party.  Man-repelling highlight: Neon nail polish. We’re into it, in a big way. 

Let’s get a close up of that arm party. Nice.

Ashley Rowe and Andie Riedel from the fourth floor.
Photo credit Ashley Rowe

Designer Ashley Rowe threw on some statement pants with Dalmatian print, a pair of wide-legged trousers from her collection. We’ve got our eye on those at the next sample sale. Man repelling highlight(s): Anything Dalmatian.

(left to right) Stylish Holt’s guest, Leandra Medine and Jen McNeely

Leandra Medine, Jen McNeely of She Does the City and guest gracefully strike a group pose. Man repelling highlight(s): Thick knit scarf, DANNIJO collar, bright lips.  We’d be inclined to wear all these items simultaneously.
Kristina Breckon and Kristin Nickolas

Consonant Skincare’s Kristina Breckon and Kristin Nickolas were rocking cozy chic looks with bootie + chunky scarf combos. Man-repelling highlight(s): It’s an even tie between the faux fur scarf and tapered harem pants.

Katie Polivka

Katie Polivka from Holt Renfrew wears a mesh skirt and fuzzy sweater. Love the mixing of textures. Man-repelling highlight(s): That leopard print clutch is amazing, but bow-on-head is an auto-win.
All photo credits belong to On The Fourth Floor, except where noted. 


Media, Darling: Anita Clarke

Anita Clarke is the founder and Editor in Chief of the popular Toronto fashion blog, I want – I got. She’s been called a Toronto Fashion Hero by Now Magazine, Woman of the Year by She Takes on the World and one of the Worthy 30 by Shinan Govani. She has spoken on the topics of fashion, marketing, PR and social media. In July 2009, she was featured in a window showcase for Holt Renfrew that was shown in stores across Canada.
Blog: I want I got 
Twitter: @geekigirl
How can someone grab your attention with a pitch?
First off, pitches that get my attention are, most importantly, relevant to my blog. They are well-crafted and not verbose. All the information I need is usually included in the pitch. 
I love PR companies that use flickr or other storage methods to provide me with all relevant images and press releases, without having to write a reply email. I also love pitches that provide me just the facts and no opinion. I’ve received many pitches where the writer proclaims that I’ll just love the product. That usually makes me more skeptical, as I like to come to these decisions myself.
  Anita in front of her Holt Renfrew Fashion Blogger window.
What do you find most useful when dealing with public relations professionals?
I like that they can provide more information that would be hard to research otherwise. They really can add value to a post with images, samples and additional information. They provide access to designers, events, etc. and that offers lots of value for a post.
What is the biggest mistake PR professionals make?
Not respecting my time. I think many people assume that I blog for a living when in reality, I have a full time job. I believe this is the case for the majority of bloggers. 
Sending pitches that are irrelevant to my site. 
Lack of respect for online media. If online media exposure isn’t important, then don’t engage them. Treating them as second class citizens doesn’t help your company or the brand you are representing.
The “mailing list method” of PR. You get more results with well researched and crafted pitches, rather than the email blast to everyone and their mother.
Your pet peeve?
I hate it when a PR company emails and says “I love/read your blog”, which is then followed up with a totally irrelevant pitch. It really leaves a bad impression for me, because they are obviously lying. Let the product do the talking instead of sucking up to my ego.
I have a fashion blog, but please don’t send me pitches that have to do with celebrity fashion.
I hate press releases in image format. Copy and paste are important to me.