A visit from… It All Starts With Butter

Being an office full of PR girls, we’re always curious about how our male counterparts spend their days. We invited our good friend, Shawn Rusich, up to the fourth floor to spill the beans on what a day in the life of a gentleman food blogger/PR guru looks like (it looks pretty good).

It All Starts With Butter is a lifestyle blog that focuses on food-related topics, a long-time passion of mine. I created it as a hobby (and an outlet from my public relations career) where I could freely offer my opinion to those like-minded. I have also started contributing to The Affluent Journal, which adds fashion, technology and beauty to my repertoire.

Here is what a typical day looks like, including my favourite Toronto spots:

No morning starts without my French press. When I wake up, I freshly grind the coffee and prepare my Bodum. Having already checked my iPhone calendar in bed, I am now replying to any time-sensitive emails for the day.

I edit blog posts from the night before one last time to make sure they are perfect. Then I tweet about the day’s events. A “good morning” tweet to the lovely girls at rock-it is, of course, part of that.

I receive an email from Hamilton Beach asking me if I would like to do a reader giveaway on my blog. This immediately reminds me of last month’s Le Creuset giveaway, and how I need to follow up with the winner to see if she has received it. She has. I adore Le Creuset.

I have an 11 a.m. with my favourite client at Crafted by Te-Aro to discuss the look and feel of his new packaging. He says it is too green but I disagree. We settle in the middle anyway.

Now it is lunchtime with my best gal at La Palette’s new location on Queen West. We brainstorm, strategize and eat. Then we eat some more. Our conversation reminds me that I need to meet with the rest of The Affluent Journal team ASAP.

I quickly leave the restaurant and am off to the gym. I try to regularly plan a workout with my trainer Candice at Totum but she has to cancel today – sigh.

Once I finish up at the gym, I head to my loft to send out some client documents. Hit send. Now I have to rush to get ready for tonight. Quick shower. I am looking a bit rundown. Enter Nanoblur. Thank goodness this stuff really does work!

I am nearly late arriving at The Thompson Toronto Rooftop to drop off some print approvals to a client, who is there for an after-work cocktail as per my recommendation. I wish I could stay, but have a prior engagement at The Drake Hotel. Tonight is their annual Garden Party and I cannot miss out!

The evening winds down, but not before a quick stop at my favourite local, The House on Parliament. A pint of Waupoos with friends always helps after a stressful day.

I later head home and entertain the idea of watching a movie, but alas two more blog posts need to be written, a press release and an article for an upcoming issue of Saveur.

On the agenda tomorrow is dinner at Nota Bene, one of my top 10 restaurants. One o’clock rolls around. I have fallen asleep. Laptop perched on my lap. Sigh. Another exciting early morning awaits tomorrow.

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