Rave: Our Favourite Bath Products

There’s nothing like a hot bath at the end of a long day, especially if you’ve spent the majority of it running in heels, as we often do. There’s no end to the lotions, potions and accessories we employ for an evening soak but we’ve highlighted some of our favourite essentials for the perfect bath time.

Getting ready
Before you dive in, smooth your skin with a dry scrub. It’s great for the lymphatic system and has been shown to improve skin elasticity and even reduce the appearance of cellulite (bonus!). We like Pure and Simple’s Korean Body Scrub mitt but you can use any kind of natural fibre brush. Don’t be afraid to give a good hard scrub.

Setting the mood
Pampering yourself calls for some serious mood lighting. Nothing beats candlelight (with a little lighting boost for those of us who love to read in the bath). Scented or unscented, there are so many kinds to choose from but here are a few of our top picks:

There’s no end in sight for the online love shown to this signature Diptyque candle. Warm and cozy, light it up if you want to feel like you’re bathing in a posh chalet somewhere in the mountains.

Coming down on the price scale, Pacifica makes quality candles. We love the Nerola Orange Blossom for its warm and slightly spicy scent.

For sensitive noses, nothing beats good ol’ beeswax candles. They last about five times longer than paraffin candles, too.

Bubble up
When it comes to adding bubbles to a bath, some people are for or against. Whatever you add, make sure it has natural ingredients – you don’t want your freshly scrubbed skin to absorb a bunch of yucky chemicals.

OK, we know we’re grown-ups but this plant-based bubble bath is nourishing and makes just the right amount of bubbles.

This mix of green tea, exotic woods, white orchid, ebony and vanillas will zen anybody out. But since scent is subjective, you might be partial to another of Tokyo Milk’s all-natural bubble baths. If only they made it in No. 13…

In lieu of bubbles, we like adding some natural oil to the bath to moisturize skin. A few drops of almond oil and you’ll be amazed at how soft your skin is après bath.

Inciting extras
Again, baths are a personal thing. Some people like to do nothing but unwind in the tub while others like to use the time to flip through books or magazines. Far be it from us to tell you what you need to read, but for true bath time indulgence, there’s Aqua Erotica, a completely waterproof book filled with short erotic stories based around the central theme of, you guessed it, water. 

For a true spa experience, do a hair or face masque in the tub. We shared a bunch of DIY recipes you can check out here.

To finish – towel off and lotion up. We love Consonant Organic Body Lotion because: