Rave: Dessert before Dinner

If you are anything like us, you know no meal is complete without something sweet. Yes, our mothers taught us that dinner comes before dessert, but for the following indulgences, we simply cannot help ourselves. We’ll always reach for these sweet treats first!

Cookie Dough Shots
Because frosting shots are so last year, now is the time to try cookie dough shots from Sweet Flour Bake Shop (2353 Bloor Street West). While the shop brings warm delicious cookies your way in just minutes, we’re more focused on their unbaked snacks.

Sold in mini individual sized containers, these dough shots offer just the right amount of cookie.

Flower Power Cupcakes 
Taste kindness with statement cupcakes from Eat My Words (300 Campbell Avenue). These treats with heart help raise money to benefit the Stephen Lewis Foundation. Order them in regular or mini versions, and these flower-topped cupcakes will be delivered in one of the company’s signature turquoise hat boxes. Available in four original flavours, you’ll have to try them all to choose a favourite!

Buttery butter tarts
We love butter tarts as dessert, and they are definitely something that we can eat at any time of day – whether having eaten a real meal before or not. Flaky Tart (711 Mt. Pleasant Road) makes some of the best in the city. They are flaky (of course) and buttery. The top has a satisfying crust and the filling is like heaven – sweet, creamy and classic. If you’re a butter tart aficionado, you must pay a visit to this adorable Mt. Pleasant and Eglinton bakery, owned by the former pastry chef at the Rosedale Golf Club. Mmmm.

Whether you’re a dessert-before-dinner sort, or the dinner first, dessert second type, what’s your must-have snack? Tweet us @rockitpromo!