Fashion-able: Packing Petite and Pretty

One open closet. One empty suitcase. The natural inclination is to hurl all your clothes into that duffel and be on your merry way to the airport – you never know what you might need. But if you don’t have an entourage à la Mariah Carey, you may want to rethink bringing the whole wardrobe shebang.
 With our tips, you can alleviate the backbreaking labour of carting around your precious cargo.
Here are our top tips for traveling light and stylish on your next vacation.
Colour coordinate all your outfits. Opt for neutrals like black, white, khaki and denim, and throw in a pop of colour in the form of a lacy camisole, chunky necklace or fitted tee. All pieces that pack punch without taking up prime real estate in your suitcase.
Toss in strong, re-wearable pieces that can take your jeans and tee or fab maxi dress into the evening hours. A blazer or leather bomber jacket can easily help dress up an outfit for a night out on the town.
We heart Top Shop for cute pieces like this one!
Accessories, accessories, accessories. Rework a solid mini by pairing it with a patterned belt one day, and shoulder-grazing earrings the next. 
Bring one pair of neutral heels (a la Princess Kate) and toss in a pair of metallic flats. If you’re doing any outdoor exploring that requires runners, wear them to the airport. Your luggage will be lighter and if you need to run to catch a flight, you’ll be ready. 
Even style mavens need to lace up every now and again.
Stash a spare pair of knickers, a simple tee and a bathing suit into your purse or carry-on bag. If your luggage gets lost (knock on wood), you will have some essentials to tide you over until you can hit up the closest Forever 21 for some cheap replacement pieces. Toss in a toothbrush too – an essential item to feeling fresh.
 Your mecca should luggage go astray. 
If you are packing fashionably, you might as well cart your cargo in an equally chic case. For the serious traveller, we recommend the Rimowa Salsa Air series – durable, light-weight and perfect for stashing in the overhead compartment.  
Pretty cases, all in a row.
Image source.
For the manly man, Filson offers similarly durable and rugged luggage that will stand the test of time. Try the extra large Wheeled Duffel (you know your significant other will need some space on the return trip, too).

Bon voyage and safe travels.