Rave: Morgan Freeman and the CFHU Celebration of Excellence

We’re very excited to be working on an upcoming event with
the CFHU,
Celebration of Excellence
, a gala that will be honouring Morgan Freeman for
his amazing humanitarian work. The event takes place on Monday, May 6 at the
Toronto Centre for the Arts to be attended by the man, the myth, the legend-Morgan himself.

How do you get to see Morgan Freeman in the flesh? Well, you
have two options. Purchase a ticket here. Or
just do your very best Morgan Freeman impression. 
Yes, that’s right. All you have to do is grab your iPhone,
channel that sweet Southern baritone and post it 

The video with the most ‘likes’ wins two tickets to see Freeman on Monday, May
No need to be camera shy, we got the ball rolling for ya. Feast your eyes on the Morgan Freeman inside all of us on the fourth floor.

Not feeling inspired yet? Take a page from the pros: 

Don’t let Geoff the Robot upstage you.

“Like a twinkie…Like a twinkie.”

Extra Fourth Floor adoration to whoever can recreate this dope melody.

Well, what are you waiting for? Contest closes Monday!