City Living: Toronto Bucket List

This time of year, Toronto gets a bit of a bad rap. We’re constantly whining about the weather
and all of those cool summertime to-do’s must wait until the spring. No patios to hit up on a sunny afternoon. Despite this, we consider ourselves pretty
lucky to get to live in this awesome city. Toronto is home to some great sports
teams (well, 
that may be up for debate ), excellent theatre, concerts, cool
neighbourhoods and restaurants. There are endless options for things to do any
day of the week.
 We’ve put together a
list of the things we’ve always wanted to do in this great city of ours – sort of like a guide to being a tourist in your own city. 

CN Tower EdgeWalk

A few of us want to conquer this crazy trip up the (former) world’s largest free standing structure.  Despite the high price, “Toronto’s Most Extreme Attraction” has been super popular and is now in its second season. The videos look crazy and this only for the bravest of the brave.
If you want to gear up and spend 30 minutes at the top of our city, try it out!
Season two lasts until this Sunday – it’s your final weekend!
Brave and stylish 😉
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One of the perks of being a publicist is getting to go to a lot of unique events around
town.  However, sometimes 
this doesn’t leave time for the obvious Toronto activities. It’s a
bit embarrassing but a couple of us have yet to explore
Kensington Market,
Toronto’s most vibrant and unique neighbourhood. Just west of Chinatown, with College Street to
the north and Dundas Street to the south, Kensington is home to great
vintage shops with spending-hours-hunting-worthy music, clothing and jewellery. On top of that, there’s a whole slew of spots to eat and drink. We love the new pub Thirsty and Miserable (wicked beer selection), the Bellevue and 
Big Fat Burrito (sometimes, you just need a big, fat burrito).

No shortage of character.
Image source

Love the eclectic and colourful buildings in the market.
Image source
Try some cool, new (or old) restaurants

For some of us, our weekends revolve around a new
restaurant or food trend that we’ve been dying to try. Next up for us? Fancy Franks Gourmet Hot Dogs.
Newly open on College Street, this unique place offers some “haute-couture”
hot dogs. A little something to remind you of your childhood, with a grown-up twist – especially with toppings like shrimp, lettuce horseradish mayo and hot sauce on their Po’Boy Gets Fancy or BBQ pork and cabbage slaw on the Southern Fancy. 

Even fancier than these dogs.
Image source
Window shop on Bloor Street

We may love fashion, but that doesn’t mean we can afford
it! As
previously posted, we love Joe Fresh for affordable and stylish pieces,
wouldn’t it be nice to purchase something from Chanel? Of course it would! With the holiday season around the corner, retail shops are dressing up their windows with extra-special displays, making it the perfect time to grab a hot chocolate and stroll down Bloor. Window shopping on Toronto’s version of Rodeo Drive is one of those things that we always recommend that visitors do, but rarely make the time ourselves. The holiday season is the perfect time to get on it.
Every girl’s dream.
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Fashion-able: Totes, buckets, satchels & more

We On The Fourth Floor understand that not all bags can transition through the seasons. Our bulky black leather purse we’ve been toting around for eight months, while gorgeous, can be a bit heavy and dark when temperatures start to soar. 

We’ve compiled a few handbags we’re coveting, from all different price points, that we think would make a good addition to our summer ensembles. Not to mention also great if you need any Fourth Floor gift ideas. 😉

First up is the always-popular PS1 satchel by Proenza Schouler ($1488), but in a great tropical print. As we’re sure you’ve seen a certain ubiquitous neon satchel, nothing says summer like a fun, bright bag. It may be a bit pricey, but FASHION shows us how to rationalize this investment piece. (Both Natalie & Christina are big fans).

On the other hand Kylie would opt for a classic M.A.C. (Morning After Clutch) by Rebecca Minkoff bag in an army green colour. Always thinking ahead she comments that “their fall colours include maroon and green. They are all pretty beautiful and I’m a big fan of the gold hardware.”


This practical chic Filson ($300) satchel caught the eye of Abby who thinks It’s cute, will last forever and the long strap also means that I can wear it while riding my bike. Score.”

For a classic tote at a higher price point Andie opted for a Prada bag ($1730) she’s had her eye on for a while, “I could wear this bag in any season. Though I’m a little wary of a lighter colour getting dirty, I think its the perfect size for taking from day to night. Definitely a good investment.”

Erin is in the mindset for summer and says “all I need is my bright pink rattan beach bag for my towel, sunscreen and a good magazine,” which makes this Rebecca Minkoff tote ($206) perfect for a jaunt to the beach. 

The newest member to our Fourth Floor crew Christie, is a self-proclaimed loyal Coco-follower and heavy advocate of the double C’s. Often the 2.55 is A. overdone and B. not always summer friendly,” but would opt for this Chanel metallic python version if money was no object. Price point? Not in our budgets.  

If money was no object, which bag would have your eye on? 

Fave Five: Olfactory Scents

When uttering the sentence “You smell like…” you always hope it’s going to end with a positive adjective. Being an office of women, we are always sniffing out new scents. Here are the top five scents that rub us the right way:

It’s the bomb
Viktor & Rolf have spritzed their way into our hearts with Flowerbomb. Launched in 2005, the perfume is the exact combination of spicy and sweet. Floral meet pepper. With the women’s parfum such a hit, it wouldn’t be fair to exclude the men. Spicebomb has just exploded in Canada. Literally. The bottle looks just like a grenade, with the inside smelling like tobacco, cinnamon and spice. Although geared towards our male counterparts, we want to get our hands on a bottle for ourselves. 

It’s free-flowing
Chloé takes sensual and puts it in a bottle for women. Flowery but not overwhelming, soft but not too delicate, powdery but not too much like talcum, this perfume evokes femininity. Disclaimer: this scent is distinct and picky about whose chemistry it works with. Spritz and walk away. If you like the smell after 10 minutes, come back for more. 

It’s intoxicating
Miss Dior is meant to bring all the boys to the yard. With notes of Egyptian jasmine, patchouli and Italian mandarin, this perfume uses global influences that make it universally appealing. When you smell like Miss Dior, you smell like love.

It’s calming
Take your feelings of serenity and put them in a bottle. Result: Lollia Relax. Lavender is soothing, the bee blossom honey with white orchids is warm, and the combination envelopes you in a world of peace. 

It’s classic
The name ‘Chanel’ speaks for itself, as does the word ‘allure’. Put them together and you have a sophisticated and timeless fragrance. This scent evokes times past, and well, reminiscing always makes us feel happy. 


City Living: ♫ Man Repeller’s comin’ to town… ♫

When we heard that Leandra Medine – best known as The Man Repeller – would be in town to host a party celebrating the launch of Holt Renfrew’s new blog, Holt’s Muse, a million thoughts flew into our heads: does this fit into our lunch hour (her public appearance at Holt Renfrew on Bloor is tomorrow from 1 to 2:30 p.m.), we hope we get invited to the private party (we did, thanks Holt’s!) and above all else, what the %&*# do we wear to repel impress the NY-based blogger? The blog, if you don’t do a daily visit already, is famous for celebrating styles that women love and men don’t. Hence, man repelling. In short, think loose, baggy, long and layered with a side of shoulder pads.

Still don’t get it? Instead of scratching your blown-out head, we’ve got some tips to help you craft the look. Men may hate it, but we love it.

We’re actually lucky that winter winds have hit, because the number one tip we have to make an outfit Man Repeller-worthy is to layer it up.

Option one: We’re picturing a fitted maxi skirt, a longer sheer blouse (roll those sleeves up cause you’re going to need room for bracelets. A lot of bracelets.) and a sweater vest. A common mistake that layering rookies make is thinking that one vest is enough. On top of the sweater vest, find a longer vest and put it on. Don’t be afraid of patterns here either; if one vest is plaid, even better. You’re almost there. Find all of your old bracelets and watches – everything from costume to camp-made are welcome – and start loading them on. And don’t skimp on the rings. Three on average per hand is our M.O. Here is some inspiration:

Image source.
Another mistake: don’t think that your maxi means you should ignore what’s underneath. Joe Fresh has a great pair of black and grey cheetah tights right now for $8 that are well worth it for a date with Leandra. 

Shoes: no flats allowed. And there are no exceptions to this rule and do not, repeat, do not put on a pump. Stick to clogs, wedges and chunky ankle boots. Before you head out, throw on a heavy jacket. Wool and fur, or vintage, is key to this finishing touch. Et voila.

Option two: Start with a short dress. Don’t be deterred by the weather, summer dresses work, as well as LBD’s. Add a longer t-shirt and a chunky sweater. In lieu of a sweater, go for another short dress on top of your t-shirt/dress combo. As long as it’s an inch or two shorter than your first dress, you’re good. 
Accessories: necklaces will work best with option two, so go for a statement piece and some longer chains. We especially love layering our necklaces. Big and delicate, short and long. Sometimes it is so ugly that it becomes pretty. Don’t forget your rings.

Insert bare legs and ankle boots:

Image source.
Put on a cropped blazer/jacket (Chanel tweed is ideal) and top it off with another jacket that is approximately the same length as your underlayer dress. A trench can work but do not put on your winter jacket right now. Grin and bare it…pun intended.

Leandra Medine will be at Holt Renfrew’s Bloor location (50 Bloor St. W.) from 1 to 2:30 p.m. tomorrow. Follow her on Twitter here.

Media, Darling: David Livingstone

David Livingstone hails from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, where both of his grandfathers were coal miners.  
Even as a high school student, he enjoyed English and typing class, so it’s no surprise he’s been been writing (about fashion) for more than three decades, which makes him a subject matter expert in our eyes. He is currently the editor-in-chief of Men’s Fashion.

You can also catch some of his work in Elle, Fashion, Toronto Star and Zoomer.

Twitter: @livingdavid

What was your favourite class in high school?
Liked them all – English, Latin, typing – anything but Phys. Ed.

How did you get your start as an editor?
My first job out of university was as editor of print materials for Ontario Educational Communications Authority, which is now known as TVOntario.

If you weren’t a Media, Darling, what would you be doing right now?
My nails. 😉

Pitching or follow up: Phone or email? 

We know irrelevant pitches, calling you the wrong name and eight follow-ups are no-no’s; what else should publicists avoid doing? 
Issuing photographs without a complete description of what they depict.

Sunrise or sunset? 

Chanel No. 18

Less cookies than squares, cakes, pies, puddings, marshmallows in any format.

Malmaison carnations.
No.  😉

Shower or bath?  

Read My Lips (Sur mes lèvres), starring Vincent Cassel and Emmanuelle Devos; any documentary by Frederick Wiseman, especially Model and The Store.

Don’t think so.

First job? 
Carry-out boy at Dominion store.

Marion Williams, gospel singer; birds; clouds, both sides.

Rave: Designer Consignment at Labels or Love

When it comes to consignment in the city, Jeanne Becker goes to Labels or Love. As a woman who knows a thing or two about fashion, where Jeanne goes, we follow. We headed to Labels or Love to sit down with the store owner and former stylist, Meytal Algranti Shekter.  There, we talked trends, labels and babies (she’s a new mom to baby Kole). 

Fourth Floor: How do you make consignment current each season?

Meytal: I am very particular about what comes into the store. With the exception of exceptional vintage pieces, if its not relevant and current in fashion, I won’t keep it.

Fourth Floor: You deal with some very high-end merchandise. What is the most outrageous sale you have ever made?

Meytal: In my first month of opening, I had a woman come and literally spend $6,500 in under 10 minutes. She was in and she was out, just like that. Let’s just say it was a great beginning to my business venture!

Fourth Floor: How does the consignment shopping experience differ from department store shopping?

Meytal: Consignment shopping is about the thrill of the find. Fifty to 60 per cent of my store is brand new and in-season items. To buy something that’s still in the department stores for less than half of the retail price is pretty rare.

Fourth Floor: What keeps consignment shoppers coming back time and time again?

Meytal: I have the best stuff for the best prices, and every shopper dreams of designer labels at discount prices. This is not just any consignment store, it’s a high-end boutique. I really do get the best of the best.

Fourth Floor: What is your favourite consignment purchase you have ever made?

Meytal: I bought a vintage red jumbo Chanel bag that I can’t live without. It’s ridiculous and so rare, the best purchase of my life. I also bought an amazing new Stella McCartney jumpsuit. Chanel or Stella? I can’t choose.

Fourth Floor: Your store was recently picked by Jeanne Becker as one of the top 100 shops of Toronto. What did that feel like?

Meytal: There are really no words to describe it, but if I have to choose some, I would say RIDICULOUSLY AMAZING!

Since there’s nothing like browsing for clothes online, we’re bringing Labels or Love directly to your desk. Check out some of our favourite fab finds from the store here:

These Valentino leather strappy heels in cognac are amazing.

This cropped Giambattista Valli jacket is cutting edge meets refined elegance.

Classic Chanel, no explanations needed for this 2.55 bag.  

Take a turn walking in her shoes… her Gucci open toe lambskin booties, that is.

You don’t need a bike to wear Balenciaga’s Motorcycle bag. 

Hey Jeanne – race you there!