Yum, yum: New & noteworthy desserts

We love finding new dessert options. The perfect dessert can make anything better. Here are a few of our favourite new spots to snack on something sweet. 

A common cupcake #fail is an insufficient amount of icing; it can make a cupcake as undesirable as a muffin bottom. For The Love of Cake in Liberty Village has taken measures to ensure their cupcakes don’t meet that fate by creating the 4 Dimensional Cupcake. These cupcakes include four delicious elements: the cake (variety of flavours available), the filling (95% of their cupcakes are filled with custards, preserves, creams and ganaches), the topping (a mix of meringues, whipped cream, mascarpone, cream cheese frosting and more) and the garnish (which can range from anything to a candied carrot to an Oreo). Best part? No dorky 3D glasses required.
Other notable cupcake shout outs include: Sweet Bliss Baking Company in Leslieville and Prairie Girl (two locations downtown).
If cupcakes aren’t your thing, try a cheesecake in single-serve portions from a new Toronto-based baketress, Ladybird. With mouth-watering flavours like Banoffee and Caramel Apple Crumble, these pint-sized cakes are perfect for birthdays, bridal showers or Fridays.
Gourmet marshmallows have been popular in Europe for quite some time, but have only recently been popping up on our side of the pond. Torontonians have Nadège Nourian to thank for that, at least in part. At Nadège, her Trinity Bellwoods patisserie, Nourian has created decadent homemade marshmallows. They come in a variety of exotic flavours, such as violet, poppy, coffee and banana. If you don’t live in the area or feel up for a baking challenge, you can try out Nourian’s recipe at home. Bon appétit.
Once synonymous with police officers and bitter, watery coffee, the mighty doughnut is experiencing a renaissance these days. We first noticed this when we heard about NYC’s Doughnut Plant and their pistachio, Meyer lemon and tres leches flavours. Imagine our delight when we learned of Glory Hole Doughnuts. While this up-and-coming shop is still searching for a home, their scrumptious doughnuts can be found at Thor Espresso Bar, Burger Bar (Saturdays only) and occasionally at 416 Snackbar. Our favourite flavour? Maple Bacon.

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