Yum Yum: Colombian BBQ

Our amazing assistant, Amalia, hails from Colombia and we’ve been hassling her to share a delicious Colombian recipe with us. She finally agreed, and we were not disappointed by how mouth-watering this looks. Plus, it’s perfect for a summer evening on a patio.

Summer is here. I welcomed summer with one of my most favourite BBQ dishes of all time: Carne asada con papas y mazorca. Did I lose you there?

Even though this Colombian recipe is one of the most basic dishes ever, it’s really tasty, healthy and is ready in just under an hour. It reminds me of summers with my mom. ¡Que dicha!

Finished product, hope you enjoy (I sure did).
Grilled Flank Steak, Potatoes and Corn on the Cob
(serves two)

1 pound of beef (flank steak or fillet)
2 small white potatoes
2 cobs of corn
1/2 cup of water
2 green onions, finely chopped
1 tomato, diced into small pieces
1/4 red pepper, diced small again
1/3 of cilantro bunch (aim to fill up about 3/4 of a cup)
2 tsp of Dijon mustard
4 tsp of cooking oil
3 tsp olive oil
2 cloves of garlic
Seasoning salt (of your choice)
Dash of hot sauce (any type will do, even pepper flakes if need be)
Salt and pepper to taste

Carne Asada (Beef) 
1. Combine mustard, garlic, salt and pepper in a medium-sized bowl, mix in beef and let sit for 15 minutes in fridge.
2. Once the meat has absorbed flavours of the mustard and garlic, it’s ready to go on the BBQ. Cook for as long as you like (i.e/ rare, medium, well-done, etc). Most Colombians typically cook their meat to rare.

Papas (Potatoes)
1. Wash and dice potatoes into 1/2 inch cubes.
2. Mix garlic clove (finely chopped), seasoning salt and oil together in a bowl.
3. Add potatoes, mix thoroughly to ensure that potatoes are fully covered in oil.
4. Place seasoned potatoes on tinfoil, and wrap into a package, tucking in all edges. Poke small holes on top using a fork.
5. Cook for about 35 minutes on top rack (or the coolest spot on your BBQ) and rotate twice to ensure it cooks properly.

Mazorca (Corn on the cob)
1. Cut corn cob in half (or smaller pieces if you’d like).
2. Place in boiling pot of water with a pinch of salt for 15 minutes.
3. Cook for 10 minutes on top rack of BBQ (or a cooler spot on your grill) and rotate to ensure it cooks evenly.

Aji (spicy dipping sauce)
1. In a small bowl mix spring onions, tomato, red pepper and cilantro, add olive oil, a dash of water, pinch of salt and some hot sauce (or spicy ingredient of your choice). Mix thoroughly until sauce reaches a saucy texture (like photo below).

Image via My Kitchen’s Flavors.
Once everything is cooked, plate and enjoy. Dip potatoes into sauce, or do like I do, and dip everything in it. Trust me, it’s amazing that way.