Fashion-able: Pink-hued hair

What is it about summer that gives us the urge to change our
hair? Go blonder, chop it off, add a million products to create “beachy” waves, cut bangs, grow them out…
the warmer weather always has us craving something new.  The latest trend on our radar? Pink. Introduced a few seasons ago, it seems to be a hair trend that has staying power. So, here are some of our do’s and don’ts for pulling off this look. 

DO: Keep it fun

Your hair is making a statement and you need a fun, playful attitude to pull it off, or else you risk being mistaken for an angsty teen acting out. Our inspiration? Style queen Lauren Conrad, who is always doing something fun with her hair. Her ‘little pink pony’ – a blonde ponytail dip-dyed in fuchsia – is sweet, playful and fun. Lauren and her
team have posted a
on her great beauty blog,, if you’re an at-home colour kind of gal with some guts.

How cool is LC?
Image source.

DON’T: Choose this look if you want a temporary change for the weekend

A few trendsetters in our office have already introduced some pink into their lives. Based on experience (especially if you have blonde hair): be ready to commit. Even ‘temporary’ pink colour is near-impossible to get out of blonde hair, so if you need conservative hair for work on Monday, proceed with caution. Bleaching the pink out of your hair is killer, literally.

Charlotte Free – a.k.a. ‘the model with pink hair’ – is quite committed to this look
Image source.

DON’T: Choose a hue that clashes with the rest of your hair

Coco Rocha made a splash at the Met Gala a couple of weeks ago with her red/brunette locks dip-dyed a bright pink. The interwebs are definitely divided over whether she pulled it off. It’s a tricky look if you have red tones in your hair, but we give her props for taking a bold step. Choose your colour with caution, and if you’re unsure, ask a hair stylist for help instead of taking the plunge yourself.

Is Coco pulling this off?
Image source.

DO: Be brave and go for it!

If you’re loving this look, then we say just do it! It’s summer after all, and it’s just hair. Kevin Murphy’s Color Bug has been around for a while and is easy to apply at home (Warning: not always as easy to wash out as the video below implies).

Other products to try? Davines Alchemic System Shampoo and Conditioner in Red allows you to slowly build up to the intensity you’d like. Manic Panic has a variety of shades with names like Fuchsia Shock, Hot Hot Pink, Pretty Rose and Pink Flamingo, to help you get the exact shade you want.

If you’re going for a more permanent commitment or require some bleaching to get intense colour, go professional. You’re not going to want pink forever, and it’s best to leave hair somewhat healthy.