Rave: Wllm Shkspr’s Wrks works the crowd at Casa Loma

Perhaps the book of the Bard need not be found in every
hotel room, as the actors 
at the Classical Theatre Project’s The Complete Works of William Shakespeare exclaim it should be, but we think you should find
catching this show before the end of August MMXII.

We jumped at the chance to see a Toronto trio perform the
wildly successful London parody, a.k.a. The Compleat Wrks of Wllm Shkspr
, and found ourselves happily situated at the castle on the hill. The
pithy script is a winner and actors Matt Drappel, Jeff Hanson and Kevin Ritchie
thoroughly exercised their right to improvise. They peppered in remarks on Rob
Ford and Canada’s Olympic performance while commenting on their own need for
laughs with the same self-deprecating humour the Brits are known for.

The light-hearted show took the audience from Romeo and
to Titus Andronicus the cooking show to Othello the rap song. In dealing with the
comedies, which we were told are actually not as funny as the tragedies, all
the plot lines were tied together and told as one story. The abridged version
of Macbeth was an amusing testament to English sentiments towards the Scottish
and led into the swift demise of the plays Julius Caesar and Antony and
. The histories became a football match, likely the first one that has
made us chuckle. The show closed with Hamlet. Three times. Once abridged, once
again at breakneck speed and, finally, backwards.

Complete Works will return to Casa Loma on Wednesday, August 15 and Wednesday, August 29
with shows at 7 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. Without a doubt we recommend this show as
the perfect Wednesday evening diversion. We have a few tips to offer as well
(garnered from our own errors as the best advice is). First, arrive early.
Stadium style seating is not available at this venue and you’ll want a clear
view, those seated in the front row also have a more interactive experience.
Second, bring bug spray. The late summer mosquitoes can be quite pesky at
the luscious grounds. Third, be prepared for sore cheeks. Ours still hurt from

All images courtesy of Classical Theatre Project.

Rave: Bullet for Adolf

Close your eyes. 

Think back to summertime and your favourite memories: hanging out with your best friends, staying up late telling stories, enjoying the warm weather. Summer always comes jam-packed with reflection, and other people’s stories are often just as interesting and inspiring as your own.

 Photo Credit: Flickr

Woody Harrelson is bringing some of his personal summer memories to Toronto’s Hart House Theatre in his highly anticipated play, Bullet For Adolph – Almost A Comedy. The actor co-wrote the play and is in the city directing the show (previews today and tomorrow, and officially opening Thursday, April 21 through Saturday, May 7).

The play brings together a group of friends in the hot summer of 1983, in Houston, Texas.  The lives of eight people come together in unexpected ways during this memorable summer. The title refers to a gun once intended to kill Hitler, which plays a pivotal role in the plot.

Harrelson co-wrote the play with his friend of almost 30 years, Frankie Hyman. The two say the plot was inspired by their financially strapped days working construction together that same summer of ’83. The eight characters in the play are inspired by real people they knew.

To read an interview with Harrelson and his amazing Toronto cast, check out this story. Plus, Woody chatted with Rick Campinelli on ET Canada – watch it here if you missed it the first time. (He also does a little a cappella version of Happy Birthday – a must-see.)

Tickets are on sale now. And, find Bullet For Adolph on Facebook and Twitter.