Fashion-able: Fall dates

Let’s face it – fall is the perfect date weather. Humidity is gone, so a good hair day is almost guaranteed, the boot-jean combination looks hot on everyone and the cool-yet-comfy weather is fleeting – so get out and enjoy it. Before you go into your winter hibernation it’s all about getting out of the house. Grab your better half and try our fall date ideas.

Go for a fall hike – free!
Enjoy the vibrant colors as the leaves change and walk outside for hours without sweating profusely. Pack a picnic (complete with a thermos full of boozy hot chocolate) and hit the trails. We recommend jumping in your car and visiting the Bruce Trail. The trail is divided into nine sections, making it perfect for any duration of walk.
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Apple Picking – $15 per half-bushel (that’s a lot of apples)
Fall calls for apple pies, right? Why not do it like Martha (or in our case, Grandma) and make from scratch. Start right by picking your own apples. We recommend Archibald‘s Estate Winery. Not only can you pick your own apples from their large orchard with 15 varieties of apples, you can do a quick winery tour before departing. That’s multi-tasking at its finest!

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Ghost Walk – $30 for two people
Muddy York walking tours get you out and walking for a two-hour tour of Toronto’s haunted streets. Beginning on the steps of the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM), the walk explores the city as you never have before – with mysteries, urban legends and ghost stories along the way. Bonus: getting scared is an excuse to grab hands and cling for dear life. 

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Corn maze – $8.25 each, or $11 for the haunted version
Why not play like a child and take a tour through a corn maze, or better yet, a haunted corn maze. The Belmont Corn Maze has a 5km maze of twists and turns. After touring the maze (maybe with a few stops among the corn for a stolen kiss or two?), stop by the bbq tent for tasty snacks and warm drinks.

PS: Aside from the obvious maze fun, we consider this a thumps-up reco because they specifically advise against wearing Uggs. They’re in our good books.

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Trying any of these ideas any time soon? Let us know how did we do as date-planners, or tell us where we should try on our next date. Tweet us @rockitpromo.