Fashion-able: The Halloween Mustache

It’s one of our favourite days of the year – the day when we can wear whatever we want and eat candy without judgement. 

We’re big fans of costumes, especially those that require a little brain power to come up with (costume puns are the best). But for those of you that have procrastinated and left the costume to the absolute last minute, here is a quick solution – the Hallowee’n ‘stache. Everyone loves a good mustache, right?

This is a super easy DIY project and, like Jen Loves Kev, you can use this party trick to make photos from any occasion a little more fun. All you will need is:

Black bristol board
Shish kabob sticks (you will need one for each mustache you make)
Pen or pencil

Start off the mustache-making by tracing a 1/2 inch curved swoosh (almost like an XL-sized Nike swoosh) on a pre-cut 3” x 2 ” piece of black bristol board. Cut the outline of the swoosh, and then fold into the remaining half of the bristol board piece. Trace the cut out pattern on to the bristol board, unfold the piece and cut out new traced part. 

This is where you would trace the swoosh on the other side of the bristol board, making it a full mustache. 

This will make both ends of the mustache even, like pictured above. Once you’ve traced your desired ‘stache pattern, keep using the first template to trace more mustaches and replicate them.

Next, take the shish kabob sticks, and attach them to the mustaches. Using small pieces of tape, attach the sticks to one side of the mustache. Stick placement is important – off to the side is best. 

Make sure you secure the shish kabob stick securely to prevent any accidents

As you can tell, we love a good ‘stache On The Fourth Floor. Have a very Happy Halloween!


C’est L’Halloween: the best costumes we saw

Who doesn’t love to dress up? It’s the one time of year where its perfectly acceptable to dress like a tart, pretend you are a superhero or feel like a kid again. Toronto always brings out some amazingly creative costumes. 

Here are some of the best costumes that we saw this past weekend, as well as some very cute ones.  

Eric from True Blood.
A Japanese schoolgirl and Day of the Dead (sort of the Mexican version of All Saint’s Day, celebrated today!). 
A Roy Lichtenstein character.

Joker and Scarecrow (complete with red eyes).  
Christina & friends: Snap, Crackle and Pop. 
Christina said: I loved this Halloween because it was like I was in high school again – a house party where we hung out in the kitchen, and had a full-on dance party. Way more fun than the bar (not to mention cheaper).

Trailer trash twins (Alana on the right).

Alana said: My sister Caleigh and I decided to go as ‘trailer trash twins’ – basically, something we could throw together in a few minutes, with minor cost. With a white ribbed tank top, some fake tattoos and a pregnant belly, this costume was easy to pull off, especially when you stay in character all night like we did. The best part? It cost under $10. 

Those are all great, but these lil’ guys definitely win:
Leo the lion, Oliver the groom, Mila the bride, Rachel as R2D2 and Nathan the cow.

Debra said: It was our daughter’s first Halloween trick or treating and she doesn’t really know what candy is yet, so we weren’t sure she’d be interested. It took about two minutes for her to figure out the routine. She’s too little to pronounce ‘Trick or Treat’, so it sounded a bit more like ‘tweet tweet’ and she would say ‘knock, knock’ out loud instead of knocking on doors. 

Oliver the cow.

Rachelle said: It was Oliver’s first Halloween, too. Even though he didn’t go trick or treating, he enjoyed the night. I don’t think he noticed wearing a costume – I think he thought it was a snowsuit. He made a sort of barking/mooing sound when you asked him what a cow says.

Halloween costume inspiration

It’s never too early to start planning your Halloween costume. With the onset of October last week, we started swapping ideas about what to wear this year (no, we’re not too old for costumes. Are you crazy?). Here are the costumes that we think you’ll see most this October 31 – or that you might see us in. 

Debra’s pick:

Rob Ford

Christina’s pick:


Rachelle‘s pick:

Jersey Shore. Fist pump.

Lisa‘s pick:

Lady Gaga or….
For something a little more tame (for the vegetarians). 
Abby’s pick:
Coach Beiste and Coach Sue Sylvester from Glee. Strong ladies. 
 Michelle‘s pick: 
Serious costume for those with a political/environmental conscience: an oil-drenched bird.
A little more light-hearted: Twitter. I bet you can do a better costume than this, though.

Alana‘s pick:

Going classic: Zombie bride.

Hope this has helped stir your creative juices! Send us the best costume you see on Halloween, and we’ll feature it in a round-up on November 1. Don’t you wanna be on our blog?