Yum, yum: Quirky desserts

When it comes to fashion we appreciate the bold prints from Proenza Schouler, the strategically placed ruffles from Phillip Lim and the whimsical inspiration behind Lanvin that is Alber Elbaz. And when it comes to our desserts, we feel the same. Sure, we’re happy to have our cake and eat it too, but give us something unexpectedly sweet, and you’ll have us saying, “more please!”

The Spring Roll
The after-work hangout Supermarket is the place to be for drinks and Asian-inspired fusion food. Meet friends for tapas-style fare made with Kensington market fresh ingredients. 

While their dishes are created for sharing, you will want to keep the dessert spring rolls all to yourself. Dipped in chocolate sauce, the banana spring rolls come with vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce. For drinks and dessert fun, this resto-lounge has it all.

Banana spring rolls are amazing. They taste better than this image looks. Trust us. 

Dessert Divas
We never thought we would outgrow our cupcake phase, but then we tried cake balls from Dessert Divas. These sweet bite-sized treats are made fresh to order by sister baking duo Erin and Sheri. Covered in icing and topped with sprinkles and specialty designs, these cake-filled pops are made in chocolate, vanilla, red velvet, banana, cherry, lemon and butter pecan flavours. Order a minimum of two dozen, and Dessert Divas will create a cake ball arrangement fit for any event from fun to elegant.

 Dessert Diva’s cake pop display wowed guests of The Wedding Show, including bloggers Hey Do You.

Jedd’s Frozen Custard
“Frozen fresh daily,” Jedd’s Frozen Custard dessert is a smoother and creamier answer to ice cream. 

The custard shop serves up chocolate, vanilla and a daily specialty flavour that can be topped off with a variety of gourmet toppings such as Skor bits, Oreo crumbs, gummy bears, hot fudge and other flavoured syrups. 

For the ultimate caffeine buzz, try the vanilla custard affogato, which combines one scoop of custard with two shots of espresso. Made with extra egg yolk and less sugar, Jedd’s custard is one cool snack. 

Yum. Now, excuse us while we run out to get something to satisfy our sweet tooth.