Yum, Yum: Winter Comfort Food

Brrr! So, it looks like winter actually made it this year. Weather like this makes us want to snuggle in our adult onesies and eat nothing but our favourite comfort food. Each of these categories could have a post of its own (which may come later), but for now it’s all about keeping (your belly) warm. Here’s our round-up of Toronto’s best places
to indulge your comfort food craving.

Mac and Cheese 
We’re not going to lie, President’s Choice
White Mac and Cheese was a university staple and often creeps back into our
roster of I’m-hungry-now-but-too-lazy-to-cook foods. We‘ve broached the best mac and cheese subject before, and still can’t get enough of it.

For the lobstah lovahs: Rock Lobster Co.

Mac and cheese for one? Yes, please. 
Image source.

For the traditionalists: Czehoski.

No sharing. 
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Fried Chicken 

We’re lucky Toronto has so many places
where we can get our fried chicken fix, especially since most of them seem to
be in the general vicinity of our office. Pairs well with the aforementioned mac and cheese (see, we’re planning your whole meal for you!).

For straight up fried chicken: Harlem Underground.

No utensils needed. 

For chicken and waffles: The Drake Hotel.


For a fried chicken sandwich: The County General.

Because everything tastes better between two slices of bread. 


What’s not to love about a bite-size ball
of delicious meat and sauce? Nothing, unless you don’t eat meat, and well,
we’re sorry about that. There are more places than you would think serving meatballs here in Hogtown – there’s even a restaurant dedicated to them – but here are the balls that we find are our top choices.

For meatballs like nonna’s: 7 Numbers

If Rosa was our nonna we’d eat these suckers every day. 

For another white meat version: Little Anthony’s.

Three little turkey meatballs, all in a row.

For balls with a twist: Banh Mi Boys.

Like we said, add bread and you’re good to go. 


Whether it’s split-pea, chicken noodle or French onion, soup warms the hearts of even the coldest icicles. Out of the hundreds
of restos in Toronto that offer delicious options, here’s where we usually

Something for everyone: Soup Nutsy.

Hint: the Metro Hall location is a great spot for lunch during World MasterCard Fashion Week
Image source.

For a taste of South Asia: Ravi Soups.

 We’re hungry already. 
Image source.

For the Francophile: Le Sélect/La Société/Le Papillon.

Might have just drooled….look at that cheese! 
Image source.

The places that have it all 
Can’t decide between your go-to comfort foods? Have no fear; these next places have all your favourites under one roof. 

Top purveyor of all things comforting: The Rebel House

Our choice for the city’s best gastropub, take your pick of meatloaf, baked beans or schnitzel. 

For 24 hour comfort: Fran’s/The Lakeview

A Toronto comfort food staple. 

Post-bar comfort. 

For new comfort: Rose and Sons.

Schmaltz, schmaltz, and more schmaltz. 


Yum, yum: Macaroni mania

Now that the holidays have passed, we’re fairly fed up with turkey and mashed potatoes. But the cold weather means that we still crave comfort food – something hot, delicious and filling. Ideally with lots of carbs.

One of the best foods to cure this craving is good ol’ mac and cheese. This childhood favourite has made a big comeback on the foodie scene, with restaurants serving up a classic version with rich, creamy cheddar or taking it to the next level with inventive ingredients.

Here are some of the best macaroni and cheese options in Toronto.

This downtown hot spot on Queen Street West is the place for comfort food prepared with an upscale touch. Credited with starting the gourmet mac trend, Czehoski is the restaurant of choice for mac and cheese enthusiasts. Made with medium aged white cheddar, Czehoski’s macaroni is a creamy, melt-y bowl of delicious. Portions are big and can easily be split, but this is one bowl of mac and cheese that’s just too good to share. 

Trevor Kitchen and Bar, named after chef Trevor Wilkinson, opened in 2006 and quickly made a name for its delicious, inventive culinary creations. Word of their cheesy gourmet macaroni quickly spread; the fancy indulgence will impress even the toughest of food critics. Their infamous dish is a sophisticated twist on the classic, made with Asiago cheese and topped with seared foie gras. The upscale ingredients make this one of the most interesting pastas in the city, and a must-try for anyone who considers themselves a macaroni connoisseur.

The Dakota Tavern
This Ossington country hot spot boasts some truly tasty eats, with locally sourced products and very few pre-made ingredients. Their mac and cheese is no exception, and it’s quite different from the others we mention above. The three cheeses used include a spicy jalapeno havarti that gives it a Tex-Mex kick. The homemade pico de gallo that tops the rich dish adds a refreshing taste of tomato and cilantro. It’s extremely filling, so grab a friend and share a bowl while listening to some guitar and killer vocals.

Drake Hotel

Not to be outdone by other Queen West restaurants, Drake serves up a mean mac and cheese. The rich, gooey dish is packed with four delicious cheeses – blue, parmesan, goat and a two-year-old cheddar. The combination of such flavourful cheese makes this version a standout, and the housemade catsup on the side is much better than store-bought (sorry, Heinz. There IS another Keinz). It’s also made with a whole lotta Drake love, which takes it from great to amazing.

Although, we do admit to tucking into a bowl of KD from time to time, you don’t get much better than these favourites. Where are your go-to spots for mac and cheese? Tweet us @rockitpromo!