Rave: Our All Time Favourite Movies

With the memories of TIFF ’12 fresh in our minds, the office is still buzzing with
celebrity gossip and movie chat, which got us talking about our all-time
favourite movies. Turns out that here on
the fourth floor, we all love a good chick-flick, but like to balance it out with a good comedy or classic ’90s flicks every so often. 

Here’s a list of our favourite
movies of all time which we feel are “must-sees.”  

Disclaimer: We’re not saying these were the best-written, best-directed or best-acted films we’ve EVER seen – just feel-good ones we’ve watched over and over because they make us feel good, spark our imaginations and let us escape to another world once in a while.

As if we even need to explain this choice! Clueless is the ultimate high-school chick
movie that had us all dreaming of Cher’s luxurious life. Who wouldn’t want a sunny L.A. lifestyle, your own brand new Jeep to practice driving and all of the purple clogs you can
squeeze your feet into? And seriously,
who doesn’t like a great makeover scene? Best part of a chick flick, always.

We’re suckers for a good romance and this one might top them all. Maybe some of us are lacking a bit of romance
in our lives, but despite that, The Notebook ranks as one of our top choices
because of its combination of real-world struggles and a love that’s deeper
than infatuation. And there’s nothing quite like a little Gos.
Eye candy. You’re welcome!

This movie is one of the best of Paul Rudd’s, one of our fave funny men of recent years (coincidence that he’s also in Clueless? Hardly. He’s become a sign of a great comedy). This movie makes us laugh to the point of tears, and makes us cringe from his
character’s sheer awkwardness. One of
the most quote-able movies we could come up with and could watch again and
again. Schlappa da bass…..

We are putting these two together simply because they both
made our list for the same reason: we love a little magic and fantasy every
once in a while (some of us a little more than others). These movies – all 11
of them – combine beautiful imagery and creative stories that capture our
attention so that we can watch for hours at a time. We may have done this more than once. Believe what you want. 😉

Who doesn’t like a little bit of teenage drama and
scandal? We couldn’t resist adding one
of our favourite flicks from 
high school to the list. It was awesome back then and it’s even more
awesome now to look back and shake our heads at what we thought was a
life-altering script. We also can’t
forget that this was the beginning of Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe’s
real life romance. (It doesn’t matter
how that turned out.)

And now for the ultimate in chick flicks. We couldn’t leave this one

Young Patrick Swayze as eye candy, Jennifer Grey’s endearing
portrayal of Baby (pre-nose job, how we prefer her), the dancing, the music, the dresses, the shoes, the dancing… what’s not
to love? We don’t even need to go on.