DIY: Studded Denim

Studded errything has been all over the interwebs lately.
We love, love, love the look and wanted to attempt one of our faves in this
edition of DIY with the studded denim shorts. This really easy project has a
big impact.

Time needed: 45

Step 1:
Find your studs. We purchased ours at Neveren’s Sewing Supply Store (451 Queen St. W.), however, studs are cheap and easy to
online too.

Step 2:
Get studs out and pliers ready to craft with!
You’ll need approximately 40 studs.

Step 3: 
Plan where you would like to stud your denim.
Although top of the front pocket is a great look, we choose to stud our back
pockets. Use a permanent marker to plan where your studs will be placed. This
ensures that your studs are in (relatively) straight lines.

Step 4:
Keep studding till you have a finished product.

Step 5:
Rock your studded denim, and use extras to place onto other items (not to be worn together, please. One at a time), such as these rad studded converse shoes.


DIY: Golden figurines

We’re always looking for cool new ways to inject a little personality into our homes. Preferably as inexpensively as possible, since our tastes seem to always be changing. While perusing one of our new favourite blogs Smith, Here (yes, that is Morgan from Laguna Beach) we found perhaps one of the simplest, yet most awesome DIY projects yet: gold spray painted figurines. For about $10 and 10 minutes of your time, you can create a shiny new bookend or spruce up your coffee table decor with a little gold animal. Here are the foolproof instructions (seriously, anyone can do this and have great results):

Time needed: 10 minutes.
Tools: Spray paint, newspaper and an assortment of plastic or ceramic toys or figurines. We got ours at Dollarama.
Step 1:
Lay down newspaper in a well-ventilated area (preferably outdoors) and bring out your supplies.
Step 2:
Shake can of spray paint for about a minute before using. 
Step 3:
Hold can approximately 10 cm away from figurine and spray until completely covered.
Step 4:
Let dry for at least half an hour. 
Step 5:
Add a second coat or touch ups if needed.  

And voila!

Check out some of our other shiny new decorations:

DIY – Eyeshadow Palettes

We’re avid recyclers, especially when we’re offered benefits for our good deeds. That’s why we’re huge supporters of MAC’s Back to MAC program, where you receive a free eyeshadow, lipstick or gloss for every six empty MAC products you bring back to the store.

We’re such supporters that we have many, many eyeshadow pots in our makeup bags. Many. The unfortunate part about owning so many beautiful shades is that they’re difficult to organize and keep track of. Meaning that the pretty new green we bought last week might fall to the bottom, not to be seen again until December, well past prime season for spring-hued shadows.

A random mishmash of colour.
Luckily, we’ve recently come across an awesome DIY solution for the disorganized makeup bag. Here’s how to get all your single shadows into one lovely,
organized and portable palette! 

Time needed: 45 minutes

15 MAC eyeshadows
Empty MAC palette that holds 15 (available from MAC Pro stores)
Flat iron (think old – something you don’t mind melting plastic with. Preferably not your Chi)
Wax paper
Safety pin
Round labels (if you’re OCD like us and need to
label your shadows)

A smaller, less dangerous knife would also do.
Step 1: Arrange your shadows

Arrange the shadows
to be placed in your palette, and label your palette
accordingly. We suggest organizing by colour. If you have more than 15 shadows,
you can create a palette for neutrals, one for blues/greens, purples/pinks,
etc. (it’s quite addictive).
We heart MAC. Clearly.
Step 2: Pop out the base

Carefully insert the tip of the knife into the little space around the outside of the
container and pop the plastic case holding each eye shadow out of its plastic base. Go slowly. Be
patient. On the first attempt you may have a casualty, so start with your least
favourite color (save All That Glitters for when you’re an expert at
Plastic base and shadow case.
Step 3: Melt the plastic

Heat the flat iron and place a piece of wax paper over the bottom to prevent the
plastic from melting on the iron. Rest the de-potted shadows on the iron to
soften the plastic.
Watch carefully. Fires aren’t cool.
Step 4: Pop out the pan

After two to three minutes, the plastic will be melted enough for you to insert
a tiny pin. There’s a little plastic nub on the bottom of each eyeshadow.
Carefully push the pin through the softened plastic to lift the metal pan. If it doesn’t insert easily,
return the entire thing to the flat iron for another minute. 
This step should be easy. If not, heat some more.
Step 5: Place the pan in the palette

Carefully pick up the metal pan with tweezers (because it’s HOT! – danger warning!). Place the shadow into
the palette into the slot you labelled. If you want, you can attached a small magnet to the bottom of the shadow. However, the glue residue from the original casing will be enough to keep it in the pan.
Do NOT touch with your fingers. Seriously.

Step 6: Enjoy!

Have fun with your beautiful palette! You’ll get a lot more wear from your shadows by seeing them all at a glance, we promise. Time to get to MAC to start working on your next one 😉
Someone likes MAC’s Rice Paper.

Lovely and organized. 
Insider’s tip: It can vary by store/salesperson, but some stores may give you a hard time if you try to Back to MAC your containers with the eyeshadow pan missing. 25 empty pans available online and a tube of crazy glue for less than $10. Just sayin’.

DIY: Dip-dyed denim

You’ve probably noticed that dip dyed denim is all over the
interwebs. You can spot it on style blogs (seen
here  ), Twitter, Queen West and more. By now you know we love DIY of all types,
so we thought why not rummage through our closets and give some old denim a makeover? Sure beats buying something new!

Time needed: Three hours

Tools: Denim, bleach, sink or bucket, washing machine and of course, wine.
Step 1:
Cut the Denim.
Start with clean denim of your choice. We went with jeans,
however, denim jackets or shirts would work just as well. 
Don’t have old denim lying around? Check out the sale rack at H&M – we only had to spend $5. 

TIP: The denim doesn’t have to be cut perfectly prior to
bleaching. Perfect the length of your cut-offs after the bleaching phase is

Step 2:
Pour the bleach.
One part bleach, one part water and you’re good to go! This
can be done in a bucket or a sink, your choice. Be careful not to splash while
pouring, it’s your shorts not your entire outfit you want bleached. 

Step 3:
Dip the denim, yo!
Soak the jean in as high as you would like the jean to be
dyed. It doesn’t have to be even or perfect. Imperfections are what make this
look unique and fun. The denim needs to sit for two hours. At this point, pour
yourself a glass of wine and relax! 

Step 4:
Remove the denim from the bleach, rinse, and wash. At this point, you can alter your cut-offs to whatever length you’d like.

Step 5:
Rock your dip dyed denim!

DIY: Milkmaid braid

It’s an exciting day on the fourth floor – the launch of our first-ever video! Starring the lovely Andie and Natalie, they’ll take you through each step of creating an easy milkmaid braid.

What should our next video be about? Tweet us @rockitpromo or comment below to let us know.

Fashion-able: Pink-hued hair

What is it about summer that gives us the urge to change our
hair? Go blonder, chop it off, add a million products to create “beachy” waves, cut bangs, grow them out…
the warmer weather always has us craving something new.  The latest trend on our radar? Pink. Introduced a few seasons ago, it seems to be a hair trend that has staying power. So, here are some of our do’s and don’ts for pulling off this look. 

DO: Keep it fun

Your hair is making a statement and you need a fun, playful attitude to pull it off, or else you risk being mistaken for an angsty teen acting out. Our inspiration? Style queen Lauren Conrad, who is always doing something fun with her hair. Her ‘little pink pony’ – a blonde ponytail dip-dyed in fuchsia – is sweet, playful and fun. Lauren and her
team have posted a
on her great beauty blog,, if you’re an at-home colour kind of gal with some guts.

How cool is LC?
Image source.

DON’T: Choose this look if you want a temporary change for the weekend

A few trendsetters in our office have already introduced some pink into their lives. Based on experience (especially if you have blonde hair): be ready to commit. Even ‘temporary’ pink colour is near-impossible to get out of blonde hair, so if you need conservative hair for work on Monday, proceed with caution. Bleaching the pink out of your hair is killer, literally.

Charlotte Free – a.k.a. ‘the model with pink hair’ – is quite committed to this look
Image source.

DON’T: Choose a hue that clashes with the rest of your hair

Coco Rocha made a splash at the Met Gala a couple of weeks ago with her red/brunette locks dip-dyed a bright pink. The interwebs are definitely divided over whether she pulled it off. It’s a tricky look if you have red tones in your hair, but we give her props for taking a bold step. Choose your colour with caution, and if you’re unsure, ask a hair stylist for help instead of taking the plunge yourself.

Is Coco pulling this off?
Image source.

DO: Be brave and go for it!

If you’re loving this look, then we say just do it! It’s summer after all, and it’s just hair. Kevin Murphy’s Color Bug has been around for a while and is easy to apply at home (Warning: not always as easy to wash out as the video below implies).

Other products to try? Davines Alchemic System Shampoo and Conditioner in Red allows you to slowly build up to the intensity you’d like. Manic Panic has a variety of shades with names like Fuchsia Shock, Hot Hot Pink, Pretty Rose and Pink Flamingo, to help you get the exact shade you want.

If you’re going for a more permanent commitment or require some bleaching to get intense colour, go professional. You’re not going to want pink forever, and it’s best to leave hair somewhat healthy.

DIY: The Fishtail Braid

The braid is back. It’s been spotted on the red carpet during the SAG awards, and hailed as one of spring’s major hair trends by one of our fave beauty blogs, we’re working on perfecting one of most stylish and simple looks – the fishtail braid. It looks tricky, and can take a few tries to get it right, but the beauty of this style is that it looks best a bit undone – meaning you can wear it from the office, to yoga and to drinks after without having to touch a strand. 

Time needed: Ten minutes

Dry shampoo 
Hair elastic
Hair spray
Bobby pin

Step 1: Cleanse. 

Start with hair that hasn’t been washed in a day or more and give ‘er a good spray with your fave brand of dry shampoo for texture. We’re currently obsessed with Cake’s Satin Sugar Hair & Body Refreshing Powder. Not only does it smell amazing, it’s available for darker hues, too. Purchase on Dealuxe and it comes right to your door.
Step 2: Divide.
Part your hair into two large sections, straight down the middle.

Step 3: Cross-over. 
Here’s where it gets a tad tricky – Take a thin strand of hair from the outside of the right section and cross it over to the inside of the left section. In other words, the strand of hair has gone over the right section and finishes under the left.

Step 4: Repeat. 
Repeat on the other side.Take a strand from outside the left section over to inside the right section.

Step 4.5: …and repeat some more
Depending on the size of your strands and the thickness of your locks, this make take a bit of time. Patience is key. 

Step 5: Wrap it up.
Put a hair elastic around the bottom (it also looks great to leave a couple inches at the bottom) and take a strand of hair to wrap hair around the elastic. Keep it wrapped with a bobby pin, tucked into the elastic vertically.

Step 6: Spray and Tousle. 

You don’t want your hair to be too picture perfect. A few loose, messy pieces look nice and less high maintenance. Be sure not to make the loose pieces look like 1996 prom hair, though (you know what we’re talking about). 

If you want a video play-by-play, check out this fishtail tutorial by Emily Schman on her blog 

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