Fashion-able: Beauty techniques for 2013

On the fourth floor, we’re always looking to expand our beauty repertoire and switch up our look. Last year brought us the fishtail braid, pink hair and dark lips… what looks are we going to perfect in 2013? Here’s some of our inspiration.

Double-lined eyeliner

A steady hand and a lot of practice is required, but a thick black cat-eye with a coloured or sparkly shade on top? Beautiful. And shows off your mad skills. We think with the help of our new favourite, the Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner and its felt tip for precision lining, this is totally doable.

Beautiful for a special occasion.
Image source.

More subtle, but equally pretty.
Image source.

Dolly Parton-esque curls

This inspiration pic makes us think this look is achievable, without looking like a pageant queen or the misfit with crazy big hair.

We’ll be the ones casually putting on lip balm with beautiful, cascading curls.
Image source.

Interesting French manis

We’re not sure of your position on French manicures, but when Beauty Editor tells us something is trending, we listen, and she says the French mani is back. We might pass on the classic French, as we’re still having flashbacks to terrible gel nails from our teens (and for some of us, early twenties), but we’re open to interesting versions like this one in black, mixing matte and glossy polishes.

So sleek.
Image source.

Hair bow

Is this weird? We’re not sure, but maybe it would be fun to try. Jury’s out on this one.

The hair bow. Literally.
Image source.

Cut crease

Finding the appropriate time and place to wear this one might be the biggest challenge, as we never like to look too made up. However, when Marc Jacobs sent the SS13 models down the runway with this 60s-inspired look, we vowed to try. Definitely possible at fashion week.

Marc Jacobs SS13.
Image source.

There ya go.. our top looks to perfect (or try once, depending on results and reactions) for 2013. We’ll keep you posted on the results!