Meet Our Team: Never Have I Ever

You may think you know the players on the fourth floor, but do you know them? Really? Well, these girls have secrets you may never have guessed. We took an internal poll to find out “what’s something you’ve never done?” and, well, the answers (while not scandalous) are certainly surprising. 

Can you believe she’s never been there?

Take the quiz below and see if you can match up the rockiteer with their “Never Have I Ever”. And hey, we know this is supposed to be a drinking game. So, go ahead. Print this out, bring it to your holiday party and see who knows us best!

Who knows you better than Uncle Bing?

Never Have I Ever…

1. Seen an episode of The Cosby Show. People find this super weird. 
2. Gone to a movie by myself.
3. Had a Big Mac. Or eaten at Taco Bell.
4. Dyed my hair. 
5. Ridden a horse, though I have ridden a camel.
6. Eaten dim sum. I’ve even been to China.
7. Successfully navigated the PATH. 
8. Been to the top of the CN Tower
9. Lived by myself. Always with roommates or significant other. 
10. Touched a baby belly. 
11. Watched The Bodyguard. But I’m a big fan of that song
12. Gone to Kensington Market.
13. Popped a zit. It grosses me out in ways I cannot describe. 
14. Seen The GooniesLabyrinth or The Breakfast Club
Matching time!
Who said that?
a. Miriam
b. Abby
c. Natalie
d. Christie
e. Kylie
f. Michelle
g. Ashley D.
h. Ashley B. 
i. Cait
j. Meagan
k. Christina
l. Debra
m. Lisa
n. Haley

You’re done! How did you do?
1-g, 2-f, 3-h, 4-a, 5-n, 6-e, 7-i, 8-l, 9-b, 10-j, 11-d, 12-k, 13-c, 14-m