Fashion-able: a twist on the traditional hair wrap

Hair accessories have been this summer’s obsession for the style crazed. They’re fun and make us feel a bit like we’re back at camp. Quite a few of us are rocking hair wraps and feather extensions.
However – we’re antsy. We’re ready to stray from the feather norm and find the next trend before it becomes just that. Lara set out on a mission and came up with what we consider the next big coif thing: the braided hair wrap.

It involved finding a decent piece of cloth, a camera and that’s about it. We went to Mokuba, picked up 13 inches of a fuschia turquoise piece of cloth, and got to work. Check it out:

So – how did we do this? Easy as 1-2-3…literally.
Step one:
Take a small section of hair and split into three equal parts.
Step two:
Secure the fabric around one of the parts of hair with a knot.
Step three:
Braid the hair, intertwining the fabric, and finish with a clear hair elastic.
Et voila! A pretty, boho little surprise peeking out from your layers. Easy to put in, easy to take out, and you’ll be wearing it before anyone else. Warning – addictive.

Want one? Come see us on the fourth floor. We charge in smiles and hugs. Bring us cookies and we’ll like you even more. P.S. Don’t come during TIFF. Though we’ll still accept cookies.