Photo Friday: Happy Movember!

It’s finally here, the one month that men wait all year for – the month they can finally let their facial hair roam free on their faces, in honour of Movember. We think it’s pretty great that a charity and awareness campaign has managed to grab hold so tightly of everyone. Guys like to grow a ‘stache and girls like to complain about it (while secretly sort of… enjoying). 

In honour of this great month-long hairy crusade, we’ve curated a collection of our favourite moustaches, and added a special photo at the end.

*Psst: Movember isn’t just about growing the bushiest moustache, it’s also actually about raising funds for male prostate cancer research and mental health issues. Make a donation here.

A classic moustache – Gregory Peck.

Brad with a ‘stache? Always.

Whoever this dude is….kudos.

Perhaps one of the greatest moustaches of our generation.

Another handsome mouth brow from our time.

Impressive form.

Yes, we ARE ready to rumble.

Charlie’s quirky ‘stache.
Perhaps the most famous Canadian mo.
Never half ass two things, whole ass one thing.
(Like this moustache)
Image source.

Serious soup strainer.

Frida down to the hair.

Jules has got some impressive facial growth.

A more permanent (and unisex!) option.

When leading men were manly.

Happy Movember! 
(Apparently we take moustaches REALLY seriously).


Media, Darling: Laura Serra

We’re so excited to have Laura Serra On The Fourth Floor as our Media, Darling today.

I am the mother of the most beautiful tawny, green-eyed Chihuahua named Chloe. For work, I cover parties for the Globe and Mail (@GlobeParties) so be nice to me or I’ll put an unflattering photo of you in the paper or, God forbid, not feature your photo at all (just kidding :P). 

I’m also the Head Mistress, Whip-Cracker and Founder of Paws for the Cause (@pawsforthecause) – we dress up dogs and throw fun parties to raise money for sick animals. By “we” I mean the Paws committee, which is made up of my closest friends and respected colleagues, who also happen to be the smartest, prettiest, coolest people on the planet. This year, WE established a Paws for the Cause scholarship at the University of Guelph for a vet student and this is my most prized life accomplishment to date. 

Twitter: @lauraserra

What was your favourite class in high school? Why?

English Literature. Everyone in my family is an English major and my mom is even a high school English teacher so I probably didn’t have a choice. I like words more than numbers. I’m also excellent at bullshitting so essay writing came naturally.

How did you get your start?
A few years ago, an extremely wise woman named Sue Grimbly let me cover a party for The Globe and Mail. Pretty soon my uncanny ability to drink mediocre red wine and generate small talk was undeniable.

If you weren’t a Media, Darling, what would you be doing right now?
Crying, obviously. Or, probably having inappropriate relations with a bearded 20-something student as a professor of modernist literature at a B-class university.

Pitching or follow up: Phone or email?
I don’t even know the password to my work voicemail.

We know irrelevant pitches, calling you the wrong name and eight follow-ups are no-no’s; what else should publicists avoid doing?

Writing emails more than one paragraph long.

Hiding the time and date of an event at the bottom of the email.

Sending emails more than 1MB in size.

Sunrise or sunset?
Sunset – I usually fall asleep just before sunrise.

I wear Chanel Bleu for men but my favourite scent to smell on a man is Gucci Pour Homme.

I’m savoury over sweet but if I have to, I choose regular ol’ chocolate chip.

Pale pink peonies.

Only on my right hip bone.

Shower or bath?

Usually bath then shower – relax, then wash hair. I know, I know, water usage, blah blah blah.

Les Invasions Barbares is my go-to answer for the favourite film question and yes, of course, I’m a cliché and love Wes Anderson stuff. What you don’t know is that my guilty pleasure movie is Fever Pitch because I love Jimmy Fallon and I love the Boston Red Sox stories about the curse of the bambino and the bloody sock. But mostly, I love it when Jimmy Fallon’s character says to Drew Barrymore’s, “You do this thing… it’s so cute, I wanna kill myself.”

This guy on Twitter who I’ve never met, one of my ex-boyfriends, Ryan Gosling and Fabrizio Moretti.

First job?
Cashier at Shoppers Drug Mart when I was in Grade 9. God, I loved being a cashier and I was so good at it! I still remember the code for an in-store bottled water special – 1042876493.

The usual suspects: art, photography and fashion. But also: my parents, a good conversation, surprises, and love. I had trouble answering this question so I asked my friend Maggie, who knows me better than I do, and she said, “Fashion, Chloe and your friends.” So, I guess I’m on the right track.

Do Me A Solid: Powerball 13: The Thirteenth Floor

It’s that time of year again for Toronto’s most notorious art party, Power Ball. The Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery, Canada’s leading contemporary art gallery, will host guests as they enter Power Ball 13: The Thirteenth floor. This legendary party raises funds every year for The Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery, and is known as one of the quirkiest, most fun parties in town.

On Thursday, June 16, Power Ball brings a world of mystery and intrigue; a place where no one has been before. Party-goers can shake their money makers alongside Canada’s artists, fashion insiders and social butterflies. Be prepared to break out your coolest kicks and your wildest outfit. A celebrity chef is soon to be announced and is sure to bring some interesting plates to the palate.

Tickets are on sale now and are extremely limited. To purchase, call 416.973.4000 or visit We’ll see you there.

Rave: Hope Rising! Benefit Concert

The evening might have started off with a bit of rain, but the Sony Centre boasted a cheerful full house for the Hope Rising! concert, in support of our amazing client, the Stephen Lewis Foundation, this past Tuesday.

The Stephen Lewis Foundation brought together a sparkling line up of A-list performers, including Alicia Keys, K’naan, Rufus Wainwright, Angélique Kidjo, Jully Black, Holly Cole and Gloria Reuben. Harry Belafonte co-hosted a VIP roundtable dinner and discussion earlier in the evening, along with Stephen Lewis.

One of our fave moments came earlier in the day, while we were waiting for a few people to arrive at a hotel to participate in a few interviews. Angélique Kidjo walked into the lobby, bursting with personality and energy. The African grandmothers arrived soon after, and upon seeing Angélique, hugs, excited greetings and an impromptu dance-off started. It was loud, warm and genuine, and was a glimpse into what was to come later that night.  

Angélique Kidjo. Credit: Alexi Hay

Some of the best performances of the night came from the same African grandmothers who flew in especially for the event, and d’bi Young and Ngozi Paul. They helped bring some of the true flavours of Africa to the event.

Emcees Gloria Reuben, Marci Ien and Jian Ghomeshi did a fabulous job at keeping all 3,200 people at the Sony Centre entertained between performances.

One of the most rousing and touching speeches of the evening came from Stephen Lewis himself. His legendary eloquence and fine balance of humour and seriousness was perfect to introduce Alicia Keys, and remind everyone why they were there and how we can all help make a difference.

 Legendary singer, actor and activist Harry Belafonte at Hope Rising!.

Alicia Keys, K’naan, Angélique Kidjo, Rufus Wainwright, Gloria Reuben, Jully Black and Holly Cole all acknowledged, in their own way, the tragedy that the HIV/AIDS pandemic has brought to the people in Africa and how charities like the Stephen Lewis Foundation are helping improve the lives of thousands of people. 

Alicia Keys belts out a hit at the piano during Hope Rising!.  
We’re so happy to have been a part of this event. We love that we got to share in a thrilling evening of raising awareness for a meaningful cause like this. 

All photos courtesy of Cameron MacLennan, unless otherwise noted. 

Do Me A Solid: Jake’s Gigantic Give

One of the best parts of PR is helping charities throw fundraisers that benefit those that are less fortunate, or need our help with research, awareness, life’s necessities or simply some toys to play with. We happily pitch in for these events, and they’re often some of the most fun that we work on (or attend!) all year. 

This new section, Do Me A Solid, is devoted to featuring the worthy charities and events that we, and other PR colleagues, are working with. We want to help spread the word about the great charity work that so many are dedicated to. Help us shout it far & wide!  

We’re thrilled to launch this series with a wonderful, child-focused charity called Jacob’s Ladder, The Canadian Foundation for the Control of Neurodegenerative Disease. This charity was created after Jacob Schwartz was born with Canavan disease, an inherited, neurodegenerative disorder that affects his ability to walk, speak, see and eat. Jacob’s parents, Ellen and Jeff Schwartz, were told by doctors that their son would not live past his fourth birthday. 

Photo by Hudson Taylor

This past year, with great fanfare, Jacob celebrated his 13th birthday. Although severely disabled, Jacob loves life and this infectious optimism inspires all around him. Since launching Jacob’s Ladder in 1997, the Schwartz family has organized various annual fundraisers and initiatives raising millions of dollars. 

Jake’s Gigantic Give, presented by Scotiabank and Fabricland, is a unique holiday fundraiser where children can experience the power of giving back during the holidays.

Participating children (and adults) come in to a big “warehouse” full of 10,000 donated toys, from Mastermind Toys and Spin Master Toys. They will choose one to give to a child in need to one of seven charities (SickKids, Variety Club of British Columbia, Jewish Family & Child Services, Children’s Aid Society, Chum City Christmas Wish, Chai Lifeline, Starlight Children’s Foundation Canada and the Jean Tweed Centre). In the end, they can choose a gift for themselves, teaching them that giving always has its rewards. 

As well as the fun gift giving experience, there will be tons of entertainment and snacks, including food donated by Pizza Pizza, Kernels, Hershey’s and Cake For You (750 cupcakes!).

The toy-filled fundraiser expects more than 2,000 people to participate and over 200 volunteers to help with logistics and act as “Mission Makers” – working with the kids to choose their gifts. 

Everyone is welcome!  

What: Jake’s Gigantic Give
Where: 150 Lesmill Road, Toronto, Ontario
Why: To support local charitable organizations and help fund research of neurodegenerative diseases.
When: Saturday, November 27 and Sunday, November 28, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. each day
Admission Fee: Adult admission to the lounge is by voluntary donation; $25-admission fee for participants
We hope to see you there. x