Stage Write: Dachshund UN

“It’s a dog eat dog world.” A phrase commonly applied to business or politics, it has never sounded more appropriate than after checking out the North American premiere of Dachshund UN last night. Part of the World Stage programming, this show features a group of dachshunds representing the Commission on Human Rights. 

Dachshund UN was first created by Australian sculptor and installation artist Bennett Miller. Miller’s works regularly feature live animals as performers, such as in last night’s show. Dachshund UN was first developed for Next Wave Festival in Melbourne, Australia. Its run at Harbourfront is the first time it’s being presented indoors and on North American soil. 

We didn’t know quite what to expect when we went over, but it wasn’t hard to sell us on puppies. When the curtain went up, a gasp of delight went through the audience – DACHSCHUNDS WERE EVERYWHERE! Unlike at most theatre shows, Dachshund UN encourages the audience to take photos and share their experience via Twitter/Instagram. We also engaged in a lot of squealing and catcalling to the dachshunds. 

We suppose that there’s some greater meaning that we should’ve gleaned from the show; perhaps a commentary on civics and citizenship? The program notes suggested that the chaos of animal performers in a live theatre environment is about surprise and is an experience worth observing. For us, it was more about self-restraint – do you have any idea how hard it is to resist running up and petting puppies after watching them for 40 minutes??

Some highlights of the night included when Pakistan started to hump Slovenia, the United States would not stop howl-barking the whole time, the Netherlands lazily rested his head on his nameplate and France and the Ukraine were nuzzling besties! Is this a commentary on each of the countries they represent? Perhaps. Or they’re just puppies being puppies. 

Pro tip: Be sure to hang around the stage door following the performance to greet the actors as they head out. If you ask extra nicely, their handlers will even let you pet them. Finally! 

Dachschund UN is on-stage at Harbourfront Centre’s Enwave Theatre with performances tonight at 7 p.m. or Saturday and Sunday at 2 p.m. Admission is free, on a first come first serve basis. 

All images courtesy of Harbourfront Centre. 

Rave: Our Favourite Tumblrs

It doesn’t get much better than discovering a new, hilarious Tumblr. Bonus points if you’re the first one of your friends to pass it around.  You know you’ve hit the jackpot when you’ve scrolled through to the ninth page and you’re still snorting with laughter. These beauties beg to be shared, forwarded, tweeted, and then often… forgotten. But today, we bring you a few of our current favourites.

Poor Suri. Disappointed by so many people.
 Image source
We don’t just love Suri for her fear of Beyonce’s baby stealing her limelight or her dislike for the tomboyish nature of Shiloh Jolie-Pitt, it’s that this Tumblr has created a little character that we can’t help but love. This Suri Cruise is a saucy, neurotic little princess with a mean streak. If the real Suri has even half the personality that her online alter ego does, we kind of want to be best friends with her.

When this Tumblr was passed around the fourth floor.
Image source
A heading followed by an animated gif. It’s the simplest concept, and yet we can’t pin down exactly what makes it so funny. Is it that we’ve all reacted in exactly the same way? That we’re in awe of how much time this blogger has to find all these images? The pure randomness of it all? Not sure. But it has us dying of laughter, nonetheless.

Image source
A man receives texts from his bulldog, who is stuck at home, and posts them online. Totally normal, right?

“Please tell me you two are just planking”.
 Image source

The premise is pretty basic, but the hilarious photos of cats and captions is proof that cat people are funny too.

Expectation Reality

Photos juxtaposing expectations with reality. Why is it that everything is always worse than we hope?

Image source
Guilty, it’s not a Tumblr (but we thought it was when we thought of this post). But we’re pretty sure the only reason it’s not is because the website pre-dates Tumblr,  which would be the perfect platform for these vintage examples of Superman being, well, a dick. The website format, making us scroll through the images one by one, will make you realize how grateful you are that Tumblr exists.