A visit from…Gifted

Buying the perfect gift can be tricky, no matter who we have to buy for, or what the occasion. Luckily, we have some shopping-savvy friends who come to visit us on the fourth floor. Alison Lawler-Dean from GIFTED knows exactly how to find the perfect gift for every occasion, “thank-you” or milestone.

We were stuck on what to get some friends for various upcoming celebrations (lots of birthdays and weddings this month!), so we invited her up to the fourth floor to give us some fresh ideas.

Here are Alison’s top picks:

My 5 favourite types of gifts

1. Memories – Collecting memories into a custom photo album or family tree makes for a personal gift that people will look back on time and time again.

2. Problem Solvers – Tools of all types make for great gifts. Reflect on a person’s interests or current life situation and choose something that can assist their endeavours, such as a beautiful chef’s knife for an aspiring cook or a tool kit for someone setting up a new home.

3. Charity – Most people have more “things” than they need, so instead of another trinket, give a gift that keeps giving. Make a donation in someone’s name to a cause close to their heart, such as Kiva or the Stephen Lewis Foundation.

4. Humour – Knowing what someone will think is funny shows you really know them. Create a custom t-shirt with a message they will chuckle at or give a perfectly cheeky card.

5. Experiences – The memories from experiential gifts outlast most store bought gifts. It doesn’t have to be extravagant like a Nile boat cruise. Inexpensive, thoughtful activities around your own city, like a fun scavenger hunt are sure to please.

P.S. I use this awesome new site to aggregate gift ideas and more – check out Gifted on Pinterest.

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