Fashion-able: Bike Style

Biking to work and play not only saves time and money (in most cases) but also the environment. Love it. Once you master travel on two wheels, the next step is to master cycling fashion. Pulling together a bike friendly look that still takes you to the office or drinks with the girls is possible. It just takes a little know-how. Here are some tips to help you nail down your biker chic.

Do: Wear bike shorts beneath a short dress. Ladies, summer dresses are an absolute must. Hot, steamy days while pushing those pedals mean that less is more when it comes to what you’re wearing. But don’t flash innocent bystanders while you are riding. Booty shorts, bike shorts, — hell, even boy-cut underwear are better than wearing just a tiny thong beneath your frock. They will save you from showing your bum. It’s a good idea. Plus: bike shorts are making a comeback. Lots of designers have great options, but we especially like the Chanel ones Alexa Chung is sporting in this photo:

Do: Wear a helmet. Helmets are sexy. Bashed-in brains are not. Arriving with helmet head is preferrable to arriving in a body bag. To make helmets a little more palatable, here is a cute option from Bern ($79, available at Mountain Equipment Co-op). Or, take a peek at this colourful one that Vitamin Daily recently featured.

 Don’t: Shy away from wearing heels while riding. While not ideal (or necessarily easy), sporting a pair of hot heels on a bike is a valuable skill shared by few women. It requires a bit more dexterity when stopping and going. But showing up in killer footware makes you look that much cooler. Voilà:

Do: Find a cute and functional cross-shoulder bag. A backpack just brings back memories of Grade 6, which was enough the first time around. For grown-ups, a plethora of great cross-shoulder bags are out there. They’ll let you carry everything you need for a day at the office, and still maintain your look. A high-end, amazing bag from Gucci is classic and always in style. A homegrown Canadiana version is as cute as it is functional.
Don’t: Let your thong hang out. It is hard to manage at times (those low-rise jeggings are especially tricky), but not showing your gitch is important. Not even hot mama Gisele can get away with it.

Wear a longer undershirt, higher waisted pants (very of-the-moment) or hide your g-string with your cross-shoulder bag slung behind.

Happy cycling!
Photos Credits:
3. TheDigitel via flickr