Fashionable: Eyewear Trends of 2013

Listen up four-eyes; you always knew it would come to this.  In middle school, you were the one squinting
at the board. When Lasik became a thing, you started rolling your pennies. When
the 20/20s were saying “I wish
I had
glasses” you were like, talk to me when you have calluses behind your ears. But
lo, it’s finally YOUR TIME. Now you see
all these white-belt scenesters walking around with their plastic no-prescription lenses and
you are the
ultimate face accessory hipster. We’ve rounded up some of our favourite glasses looks for 2013, PLUS we’re giving away a pair of Derek Cardigan glasses from Clearly Contacts (details at the bottom of the post).

wore glasses before they were cool, because you NEEDED them. When we
look at you, we aren’t seeing this:

“Nice glasses! They cover your face hawhawhaw”.

We’re seeing this:
And this:
And we are celebrating. Because we love you and your slightly flawed windows to the soul, and we
are sorry you can’t really get that much out of scuba diving (do they make prescription
goggles?), we are dedicating today to the top eyewear trends of 2013.
Cat Eye

Let us be clear: the cat eye frame is not for cat
 The frame’s flared outer edges
and distinct style is a bold fashion choice that conveys confidence and sex
 They bring a vintage feel and a
whole lot of sass.
 Notable cat eye
wearers: Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn and of course, Lisa Loeb.

Dramatic Patterns

Let’s face it; we can’t all rock animal print all the time. A dramatic patterned frame is a great way to
spice up a drab ensemble.
 Also, you may
find a solid colour frame to be too harsh on lighter skin tones and a
tortoiseshell frame is a perfect compromise.

Colourful Arms

If you want a subtler look face-on, but still want to show
your dramatic side, then colourful armed frames are the way to go. This way you get the best of both worlds; a
versatile frame that you can wear day and night, as well as an extra dimension
of style and flare.
Statement Frames

If you just have one of those faces that can’t commit to a
rectangular or square frame, statement frames are made for you.
 Just a bit more pronounced than your average
frame, statement frames are just that – a statement.
 YOU wear these babies, they don’t wear you.
Keyhole detailing

Keyhole cut bridges are a fun detailing that can range from
very pronounced to hardly noticeable. This
funky retro look can be seen on some of our favourite modern style icons and is
a unique way to rock a classic frame.
Got a vision deficiency and want to stay on trend? The first fourth floor follower to tweet a
pic of their favourite coke-bottled celeb to @rockitpromo will win a FREE pair
of Derek Cardigan frames from

Do Me A Solid: TOMS Give Shop

A few weeks ago, we were invited to check out a creative holiday pop-up shop that wasn’t all about sales, shopping or spending money. The TOMS Give Shop was instead about giving back to all of the people that have supported the charitable company since its inception. And with the recent, tragic news from Connecticut, we thought we’d share a positive story about helping children, especially at this time of year.

The Give Shop was held just a hop, skip and a jump away from our office, so we headed over after work one day to check it out. Inside, we found an adorable set-up of activities and information about the work that TOMS does, all themed in a spirit of the holidays.

There, you could have a photo taken with some amazing props (reindeer antlers, Santa aprons, ugly Christmas sweaters and more), which you’d then bring over to another station to make your very own snow globe.

Abby and Natalie.

Natalie makes a snow globe.

There was a spot where you could fill out a pledge – something that you planned to do more of or be better at in the new year, in exchange for a small gift from TOMS.

Write a pledge – and stick with it.

There were tasty drinks, cupcakes and spots to sit and read all about good stuff that’s happened with TOMS since the company began in 2006.

You know we love a good DIY cupcake.

You very likely know what the TOMS mandate is (in fact, we’ve mentioned it on here before), but here’s the background: founder Blake Mycoskie was travelling in Argentina when he noticed that many of the children he saw were barefoot. TOMS was born, with the basic premise that with every pair of shoes purchased, another would be given to a child who needed them. Within his first year, Myscoskie returned to Argentina with 10,000 pairs of shoes to distribute – a pretty healthy start.

Since then, TOMS has donated millions of pairs of shoes to children in more than 40 countries around the world.

They work with humanitarian organizations that have a long-term presence in the country they’re giving to, and don’t give once and leave. Since children grow out of shoes, they work to establish relationships that allow them to continue providing shoes to a community. They work with local businesses to make sure they’re not negatively impacted, and children who receive TOMS get them as part of a bigger health and educational program.

Most importantly, they’re pretty rigourous about ensuring that no children are involved in manufacturing their shoes, and hire third-party sources to verify that there is no child labour and everyone receives fair wages.

Fun fact: there is no Tom that inspired the name. It’s a shortened form of “Shoes for a Better Tomorrow”.

For more about how TOMS gives, check out their Giving Report. They also host the annual “One Day Without Shoes” event to raise awareness about their work, details of which are here. They’ve also recently launched the One for One Movement with eyewear, providing glasses for people in need.

All images courtesy of Rooftop Agency

City Living: Buying Glasses in Toronto

While we may be a little late on the hipster bandwagon, we’re finally starting to realize that not all glasses have to make us look nerdy or feel like we are back in grade 11. Now on the hunt for the perfect pair of “cool” glasses, we began asking fellow four-eyes where they buy their trendy specs. We were delighted to discover that there are tons of stylish, vintage, quirky and classic options all around the city.  We’ve rounded up a few of our favourites.

Three stores: 752 Queen St. W, 55 Mill St. Building #53, 3342 Yonge St.

With three locations around Toronto, each one cooler than the next, Spectacle takes trendy eyewear to another level. Their licensed opticians and “frame stylists” are there to educate glasses shoppers on buying the perfect pair of eyeglasses, sunglasses or contact lenses. While you’re sure to find classics like Marc Jacobs, Tom Ford and Prada, we suggest you take advantage of the more exotic labels Spectacle has to offer – like Ic! Berlin, Mosley Tribes or Rudy Project. They pride themselves on introducing new European brands to Canada, so why not try something new?

A gorgeous store to house an impressive selection of glasses.
Image source.
2919 Dundas St. E
If you’re in the market for the ultra-hip, no-one-else-will-have-them pair of glasses, head over to the Junction. Located on Dundas West, this indie store offers high-end unused vintage eyewear, as well as contemporary independent designers. With a state-of-the-art edging lab and expert contact lens fittings on-site, they are not only serious about glasses, they treat them as artwork. 
Need your glasses custom fit or a quick repair? Looks like they have you covered.
Image source.
55 Richmond St. W.

If you’re serious, and we mean SERIOUS about finding the most exclusive, unique pair of frames, we can’t think of anywhere better than Aeroplane Vintage Eyewear. This exclusive retailer carries a huge selection of high-end vintage eyewear from around the world. While you may recognize brands like Gucci, Ray-Ban, Persol and YSL, make no mistake, all glasses are “new condition vintage”, hand picked for style, brand and history. You are sure to find the perfect statement pair here.

Love vintage shopping for clothing? Why not try vintage shopping for glasses?

LF Optical
4 locations: (Downtown) 333 Bay St. Unit 14 C, (Thornhill) 1450 Centre St., (East) 131 Sunrise Ave. E, Midtown 2782 Dufferin St.

When we first discovered LF Optical, we thought we’d better keep this gem of a shop our little secret. Little did we know that everyone and their mom had already discovered it as well. With a new location downtown, they are becoming an even more popular destination for glasses. While you won’t find any vintage glasses here, the selection is extensive (they have over 3,000 models to choose from in each store), the prices are even better, and if you find glasses somewhere else, they will order them for you. Now that we don’t have to make the journey all the way to Dufferin or Thornhill, you can bet that we will be checking out LF Optical for our next pair of glasses.

Glasses in all shapes and sizes.

With all this selection, we think we might forego our contacts for a little while (good thing because we just ran out) and try out some new frames. Glasses can be a great accessory, and perhaps the easiest way to change up your look once in a while.