Media, Darling: Nadine Silverthorne

After the birth of her two children, Nadine Silverthorne found her home-away-from-home as SweetMama Editor at A chronic over-sharer, she loves telling her readers about the latest shopping, advice and trends for mamas. Follow her on Twitter @scarbiedoll for more over-sharing, and @sweetspotdotca for the latest on the site.

What was your favourite class in high school?

I was a drama nerd. I liked writing different characters or story lines and then having people do what I told them to. I can totally relate to being a Gleek – I have a little Rachel Barry to me.

How did you get your start as an editor/producer/host?
I was working as an assistant in the film industry (I can order Starbucks for 50 people and not get an order wrong), but decided that all I really wanted to do was write a screenplay. I had to pay the bills while I wrote, so an acquaintance at a party suggested I write some Top 10  and quiz-type articles for her site. She then moved on to Alliance Atlantis and hired me as the Content Producer for Life Network. So Nadine 2.0 happened at the same time as Web 2.0.

If you weren’t a Media, Darling, what would you be doing right now?
Something completely different. I fantasize about becoming an organic farmer. (Which is hilarious if you know me.)

Pitching or follow up: Phone or email?
Email. And if I’m not writing you back, it’s because I don’t have a fit at the moment, but I have your client on my radar.

We know irrelevant pitches, calling you the wrong name and eight follow-ups are no-nos; what else should publicists avoid doing?
Trying to comment on my tweets in an email! It’s uncomfortable. I know they’re reading, but acting like you know my life because of a 140 character update (when you never try to interact with me on Twitter) is a overstepping a bit unless we’re friendly in real life. If you’re using Twitter, you need to engage, not just lurk.

Sunrise or sunset?

The nape of my daughter’s neck. Nothing beats it. Hands down.

Oatmeal raisin.



Shower or bath?


I’ve worked in an office of women for the past three years. I can’t remember the last time I had a crush! But Hollywood-type crush… Paul Rudd or Paul Newman. I like nice guys.

First job?
Making topiary trees at Cullen Country Barns.

My kids. So cliché, but they make me see things as they really are.

Halloween costume inspiration

It’s never too early to start planning your Halloween costume. With the onset of October last week, we started swapping ideas about what to wear this year (no, we’re not too old for costumes. Are you crazy?). Here are the costumes that we think you’ll see most this October 31 – or that you might see us in. 

Debra’s pick:

Rob Ford

Christina’s pick:


Rachelle‘s pick:

Jersey Shore. Fist pump.

Lisa‘s pick:

Lady Gaga or….
For something a little more tame (for the vegetarians). 
Abby’s pick:
Coach Beiste and Coach Sue Sylvester from Glee. Strong ladies. 
 Michelle‘s pick: 
Serious costume for those with a political/environmental conscience: an oil-drenched bird.
A little more light-hearted: Twitter. I bet you can do a better costume than this, though.

Alana‘s pick:

Going classic: Zombie bride.

Hope this has helped stir your creative juices! Send us the best costume you see on Halloween, and we’ll feature it in a round-up on November 1. Don’t you wanna be on our blog?