Yum, Yum: New Eats in our ‘Hood

We all know that feeling: the clock is hitting noon and your stomach is rumbling, reminding you that it’s lunchtime. Lucky for us on the fourth floor, a handful of new eateries have sprouted up just a hop, skip and a jump from us.

For our morning jolt of joe, we go no further than a quick ride down the elevator to the first floor of the Burroughes Building. Here on the corner at Queen and Bathurst, competing with java giants Timmy’s and Starbucks, is the newly opened Red Star Café. Baked goods and brews are a tasty bargain – an iced Americano and flaky croissant will only set you back $3.

The yummy spread at the new German beer hall WVRST.
 Image courtesy of BlogTO.

When we first started hearing all the hype about WVRST (pronounced ‘verst’), we knew this new hotspot would become our guilty pleasure. The gourmet beer hall is home to delicious gluten-free sausages and more than 30 types of beer. After placing your order, take a seat at the giant plank tables, adorned with plastic squeeze bottles filled with our fave condiments. For adventurous foodies, dig into the kangaroo sausage, and top with authentic sauerkraut and zippy sautéed jalapenos. If you are indulging, you might as well go whole hog and opt for a side of duck fat frites.

Even cooler than the movie. 
Image courtesy of BlogTO.

Cool Hand Luc is the new cool kid on the block. Literally. Don’t let the cutesy images of cartoon cones fool you, this place is serious about their scoops. Serving up ice cream and all-natural sorbet for about $3.50 each, this is our haven after a long day of sweltering summer heat. Plus, we like the sound of death by chocolate…

Don’t you wish you could smell the salt and vinegary goodness of fish and chips?
Image courtesy of BlogTO.
Located at King and Portland, The One That Got Away is the place to go for greasy (yet tasty) fish and chips. For the waistline-conscious, they also offer up delicious wraps, sandwiches and salads, preparing our fishy friends grilled. We love that this place uses only sustainable fish, from haddock to barramundi. As food is prepared fresh to order, expect at least a five-minute wait. Caution: the wafting smell of battered fish and chips is as addicting and hunger-inducing as sinful Cinnabon.

Bohemian Gastropub 

Mark your calendars ladies and gents; the Bohemian Gastropub is anticipated to open late July. Paul Boehmer’s latest Toronto venture, since opening Böhmer in February 2010, has had our mouths watering in anticipation. Expect a rustic European-inspired menu under the direction of chef de cuisine Christopher Scott. The Bohemian Gastropub will be occupying the old Oh Boy Burger space at 571 Queen St. W. Save us a seat!

My ‘Hood: St. Clair and Bathurst

by Debra and Matt

We live between Christie and Bathurst, on St. Clair Avenue, and our neighbourhood’s hot spots for good eats and great shopping are increasing monthly!

Every Saturday, we take our daughter to the amazing Wychwood Barns Farmer’s Market. We like to grab a whitefish sandwich from Ali’s stand, the most incredible maple-smoked trout from Akiwenzie`s Fish (if we’re lucky; they’re not always there), and a wonderful caramelized onion and mozzarella empanada from a Spanish vendor.

For brekkie, it’s no secret that Stockyards is simply amazing, and they have a brunch with a deep fried egg. You gotta try it.

If we’re brave enough to stand in a line resembling mid-July at Canada’s Wonderland, we like to grab some frozen yogurt at Dutch Dreams. If not, and we still have a sweet tooth, Leah’s is always a winner. Have the chocolate caramel salted pretzel. Trust us on this one. 

Delicious frozen treats at Dutch Dreams.

And, if we’re in a pinch, can’t make dinner ourselves and are tired of ordering pizza or sushi, a roti at the legendary Albert’s Real Jamaican Foods is a delicious change.

Par Par Boutique is an amazing go-to place for great gifts. We also love a store called All About Mac, which has been our saving grace when we can’t (or won’t) make the trek to the Apple Store in Yorkdale or the Eaton Centre. 

Our neighbourhood is a great spot for our family, and gives us a million options to get outside, explore the streets and shops, and help support the amazing local businesses that make this city so wonderful. 

Photo credits: localism.com; goodfoodrevolution.wordpress.com; http://www.parparboutique.com