Fave 5: Handy online tools that will make you better

It’s the third week of January – how many of your New Year’s resolutions are still active? Yep… us too. But it’s not too late! Today we’re sharing a few of our favourite handy and fun websites to help you stay on track for 2013.

Resolution #1: Read more

For everyone who pledged to read more, meet Goodreads. The largest site for readers in the world, you can track and rate each book you read this year, connect with friends to see what they’re reading and receive personalized recommendations based on your virtual ‘bookshelf’. Their 2013 Reading Challenge will even help you develop your resolution into a trackable goal. Very handy when a friend asks for a recommendation, or when you’re $5 below free shipping at Amazon or Chapters.

It doesn’t get much nerdier than this. But it’s fun.

Resolution #2: Budget

Dealing with your finances is never fun, but there are tons of online tools and apps to help you out. However, if you’re like us it all falls apart when you have to remember to track purchases, input data, etc. If this is you, you need Mint.com. It pulls data automatically from your financial accounts, categorizing and tracking all of your purchases. You can input a budget, and Mint will send you an email when you exceed your monthly budget in a particular category (as if we aren’t guilty enough already). Get ready to face the music and find out where your paychecks are going.

So THAT’s where it went. 

Resolution #3: Lose weight/eat healthier

Who doesn’t try to eat a little better after the holidays? This online site and app, Loseit, helps you count calories. Enter your deets, and it’ll calculate a daily caloric intake for you that jives with your weight loss goal. With many foods pre-entered, it’s easy see what you should/shouldn’t be eating. Will the shame of entering three glasses of wine and a bag of M&Ms as your dinner help change your eating habits?

Resolution #4: Improve your attitude

Maybe 2013 has been off to a slow start, or you haven’t found your motivation yet. Do what we do here on the fourth floor: begin your day with a daily affirmation from the universe, delivered straight to your inbox and “designed to remind you that you have been given dominion over all things.” Mind over matter, right? 

Start each day this year with a reminder like this from Notes from the UniverseWhat if everything that’s happened so far, was just practice for when things get really, really good? Really, really soon – The Universe

Get on board here.

Resolution #5: Switch up your style

Are you in a style rut? In addition to trolling Pinterest for inspiration, take it a step further and add to the conversation with Polyvore. Find or add clothing, shoes or accessories that you own, then create and share outfits. Admittedly, this can take a lot of time, so the lazy person’s solution: search for items you own and see how other fashionistas have styled them.