Rave: Delicious Wines Under $25

Shiraz, rose or chardonnay? With endless options to sift through as you make your way down the wine aisle, it can be tough to decide how to fill your glass. To help ease the decision making process, we’ve picked a few of our favourite wines, both local and imported. So relax, put your feet up, and pour yourself a glass without breaking the bank!

Blenheim, Ontario is home to a great little winery called Smith and Wilson. They boast some amazing wines all named after local hot spots, and a favourite is Rondeau Red – a Gamay/Merlot blend that’s smooth and delicious with barbecued meats and strong cheeses. It’s also only $13. Score!

In fair Verona, where we lay our scene… wasn’t that a line from some tragic love story? Unlike the tragic tale of Verona’s most famous literary citizens, this pairing of traditional Veronese grapes is one happy ending. We love the balance of cherry and tart acidity with a hint of spice. Masi Valpolicella tastes delectable with a variety of foods, from soups to grilled meats, risottos and fresh cheese.
Planning a girls’ night in? Try Pink, a bubbly choice from Yellowglen, Australia’s favourite maker of sparkling wines. Its soft blush colour, strawberry aroma and sweet mingling citrus flavours are the perfect pairing to seafood, like grilled shrimp. At only $11.95, all signs point to YES.

Year after year, the Niagara region’s Vineland Estates produces some of Ontario’s very best  Rieslings. One that has stolen our taste buds (and hearts) is St. Urban Riesling with its peach, tropical fruit and citrus aromas. Sweet and sharp? That’s our kind of combination! It pairs scrumptiously with citrus and cream flavours, including cheeses, pastas and fish.
This blend of Riesling, Chardonnay and Gewurztraminer works together much more smoothly than its name might first imply. With apple, lime and lychee fruit flavours, we’re keen on pairing Sibling Rivalry White with mango chicken salad or a classic fruit and cheese plate.
Those are our cheap and cheerful wine secrets. What are yours? Comment below or tweet us @rockitpromo.