Fashion-able: Natural beauty products

While we do love the occasional shellac, and we can’t
honestly boast that the majority of our day-to-day beauty products are all
natural, we do like to try and use natural beauty products when possible. Whether it’s for sensitive skin, dry and brittle nails or any other sensitivities, we’ve found that switching over to natural products can be a
pretty quick fix. And while the selection doesn’t always compare to
conventional products, your body will thank you.


Consonant Skincare
Consonant Skincare, a line of Canadian-made 100% natural, chemical-free skincare products just recently came out with 100% Natural Matte Finish Sunscreen. Because it’s matte, non-greasy and leaves no white residue, it’s perfect for every day use on top of moisturizer, and makes for a great make up primer.

Consonant’s moisturizer is also a great summer product because it’s light, but also effectively moisturizes and hydrates skin that spent just a little too much time in the sun. 

Another great natural brand is Kiss My Face. Their line of cream and spray sunscreens are available in SPF 30 for the body and SPF 50 for the face. Their sunscreens also contain aloe which soothes and moisturizes skin while protecting it. We also love the Sport Lip Balm in SPF 30, because if you’ve ever burned your lips, you will never make the same mistake again.

Hair care

With a collection that includes six shampoos and four conditioners, not only do Aesop products use the finest natural ingredients, they smell amazing as well. Unlike a lot of natural shampoos, Aesop’s products actually cater to different hair types with options like volumizing, colour protection and equalizing shampoo. 

Green Beaver
Another line of delicious smelling shampoos and conditioners is Green Beaver. This line which includes scents such as Cranberry Delight, Fresh Mint, and Lavender Rosemary is perfect for a summer shower in the lake, or just to stay smelling fresh on hot, humid days. And because no natural line of products is complete without a gluten-free option, Green Beaver offers gluten-free shampoo (we are as confused as you are).


We have holistic nutrionist and owner of Joyous Health Joy McCarthy to thank for this great find. Her favourite product (and one we plan on buying) is RMS lip2cheek. Essentially a lipstick and blush in one, this convenient beauty product combines hydration, protection and mineral colour for a casual, simple look. Another great product they have is a cream eye shadow. We recently fell in love with cream eye shadow for it’s foolproof application and lasting power, so bonus that we’ve found a natural option!

Pure Anada
Made in Canada, Pure Anada has a great selection of completely natural makeup products and brushes. From foundation to tinted moisturizer to eyeliner, there is a product to suit every makeup need.

Nail Polish

We were delighted to find out that Zoya nail polish is toxin-free! We have used many of their 300 colours (and four seasonal collections) in the past and will be using them a lot more now. They also have a great 3-in-1 nail polish remover that is gentle on nails and smells like lavender.

Priding themselves on being “the cleanest nail polish on the planet”, Suncoat is water-based and available in over 30 colours. They also sell a completely natural nail polish remover, so while there aren’t as many colour options as most conventional nail polishes, this polish and remover combination is extremely gentle on your nails. 

While we’ve only listed a couple products from each brand, many have entire lines of natural products. So if you try their shampoo and love it, why not see what their moisturizer is like?

City Living: The Curl Ambassadors

Finding that special hair stylist who makes all your hair dreams come true is a challenge for any girl but it can be especially difficult for girls with curly or thick hair. Some stylists just don’t have a sense of how to cut and style curly hair and don’t realize that these locks require specialized products (and maybe a little extra TLC, too).

Image source.

That’s why we love the gals at The Curl Ambassadors (159 Harbord St.). Founded by two ladies who have lived through all the trials and tribulations of having curly hair, (Betty and Caroline) the Ambassadors is located in a space that is Victorian-inspired and couldn’t be cuter. The cozy salon employs a group of stylists who specialize in cutting and styling all types of curly hair. 

Not only do the Ambassador’s stylists understand curly hair (“we all know that it’s usually not about the length — it’s about the shape”), the salon also carries an unbelievable inventory of curl-taming products.

Most of the products they carry are nearly impossible to find in Canada. Products such as Mixed Chicks, geared toward women of mixed race is not available anywhere else in Canada. Other great products available at The Curl Ambassadors include  Kinky Curly, Uncle Funky’s Daughter and Carol’s Daughter. These products do an amazing job of wrangling curls for women of all ethnicities and they are all-natural and sulphate free.

The salon’s exclusive product list, plus the fact that every customer gets a free tutorial on how to style their new cut, definitely makes the Curl Ambassadors the curly hair experts in our books. 

Image source.
In fact, the salon’s dedicated clients love the Ambassadors so much that a new location opened this year at 9100 Jane Street in Vaughan.  
Want to book an appointment? Check out the Curl Ambassadors online. If you’re not in love with your curls already, you will be after your first visit. 

Rants and Raves: DIY Spa Services

If you’ve been reading our blog long enough, you know by now that we enjoy pampering ourselves every now and again (more now than again in some cases).
We don’t however, enjoy paying astronomical amounts of money for things that we can easily attempt to do ourselves, or at least modify to fit our needs.
With that in mind, we decided to have a girl’s night in to try out some of our all time fave DYI spa treatments. Be warned, some of these are so ridiculously easy to replicate, you may give up on going to the spa.
The Beach Look
Are you tired of frizzy hair that has no shape during the summer months? We’ve got the solution for you. This hair treatment will leave your hair looking like you just spent a day at the beach, sans sand in your knickers or scorched skin.
½ cup of water
2 ½ tbsp of sea salt (kosher salt will do the trick too)
1 tsp of your go-to hair gel
Mix ingredients in an empty spray bottle, and spray freely to very damp hair. Don’t brush through, instead use your fingers to comb through your hair.
Once done, scrunch to form curls, or leave it be and let dry naturally. Voila! You’ll be rocking some serious beach hair in the city.

Kate Hudson rocking her signature look.
Foot care
Most people tend to have dry feet, which is especially true during the summer months. Walking around in sandals also leads to dirt making a home on your feet, leaving them feeling dry and rough. To aid this uncomfortable and unappealing dryness, we really dig this recipe.
½ cup of moisturizing lotion
½ cup of moist sand (a little bit from a local sandbox will do, or a good excuse to go to the beach)
5 drops of essential oil. Your choice of scent, we love adding lavender or orange.
Mix all ingredients in a large bowl and apply from mid calf to your feet. You have to make sure to get the scrub in between toes and around your heels to ensure you are exfoliating your skin as much as possible.
Rinse, use a towel to pat dry, then let air-dry. Once skin is fully dry, moisturize again using a creamy body lotion. Anything thick and with shea butter will work beautifully.

We love sand in our toes. Just not dry feet.

Because the sand is a little rough on your skin, we recommend this foot/leg treatment no more than three times per month. Be careful not to scrub off too much skin.
Skin care 
This tip comes to you courtesy of one of our Grandma’s. She’s got beautiful skin, so we are vouching in the name of tradition and family-tested tips.
2 tbsp of body moisturizer
1 tsp of sugar – brown or white will work. Brown sugar is a little coarser, so just be careful if you have sensitive skin. Tip: If your skin is really sensitive, Grandma recommends using oatmeal. If you do so, double up on all ingredients to allow the oatmeal to soak up the moisturizer.
1 tiny drop of lavender oil (it will add a bit of scent and some natural oil)
Mix ingredients in a small bowl. Apply to skin thoroughly, and leave for 10 minutes. Rinse, and pat dry, then let air-dry. Your face will be silky smooth.
If you want to try this recipe as a facial cleanser, substitute regular moisturizer for facial moisturizer, use white sugar or oatmeal anvoilàyou have yourself an exfoliating facial.

This is what we looked like when we had our home-spa party. 

Hope these at-home treatments are as much fun for you as they were for us.
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Fashion-able: Summer hair

With humidity, chlorine and the dreaded bike helmet, summer can be a hard season for hair. #badhairday.

We turned to beauty expert and John Frieda ambassador, Bahar Niramwalla for a little ‘do Q-and-A.

On the Fourth Floor: Days by the pool are making our hair dry and damaged. What to do?

Bahar Niramwall: To fix your ‘fro, use a quarter-size amount of hydrating smoothing cream over the whole head to give moisture to the hair. Next, grab the John Frieda® Volume Curls 1 1/2” Curling Iron and wrap hair around it, holding the ends in your fingers. The heat from the curling iron will seal the cuticle and help the hair to lay flat, which will reflect light better and give the hair a smoother appearance. Also, you’ll end up with a fab beachy look, a la Kate Hudson.
Use this: 

To get this: 
Image source.
OTFF: We like to bike, which results in sweat and the unflattering “matted down” look. What’s a quick fix?
BN: With summertime heat comes sweating, but a dry shampoo (such as Ojon’s Rub-Out Dry Cleansing Spray) and the John Frieda® Full Volume Dryer can offer a quick fix after biking. Apply the dry shampoo on your roots, brush gently and use the Full Volume Dryer on the cool and medium speed settings, flip head upside down and dry for five minutes. Voila, ready for a post work event.
Look like this:

 Image source.
With this: 
OTFF: How do we fight the summertime frizz?
BN: Curly- or wavy-haired gals should give their hair a break and go au naturel as much as possible in the summer, like Sienna Miller. Let curls run wild, but first apply a frizz-taming product. After, flip head upside down and gently scrunch hair from the ends to the roots. Finally, use John Frieda® Full Volume Dryer with the diffuser attachment and flip head back upside down. Blow dry on medium speed, alternating warm and cool settings and, again, move from the back of the head to the front (using a cooler setting will help reduce any further damage). The ionic conditioning from the dryer will also help to reduce frizz and seal the cuticle so hair won’t take on a frizzy life of its own.

 Image source.
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We’re Not Just Pretty: Marissa Headley

I like long walks on the beach, candlelit dinners and dancing under the moonlight. Oops – wrong profile. Okay, here we go. Just a bit about me…

I am a Torontonian who loves living in Toronto but also thrives on seeing other parts of the world. I like to travel because it opens my eyes to new things, new ways of thinking and provides a source of inspiration.

In the past, I was interested in fashion design and art, but at the same time showed proficiency in science and math. I’ve fought a lifelong battle between left and right brain thinking.

Most people don’t know that I graduated from Ryerson University with a degree in Commerce and IT. After working in the IT field for three years, I realized that I needed to exercise my creative side and was fortunate enough to transition to marketing and PR.

This is one of the best decisions I have ever made. This industry allowed me to create harmony between my creative and analytical sides, which together can be a very powerful force in the workplace. I now work in the beauty category at Marc Anthony Hair Care as the Manager of Marketing and PR and it is an absolute delight.

Twitter: @MarcAnthonyHC

How long have you been in your current position? 
Six years.

How does your company leverage PR? 
Our biggest point of leverage is our reputation as the go-to salon for celebrity styling. Marc Anthony and his team of stylists are great hair experts for lifestyle stories, beauty features and makeovers. Our high-calibre styling talent, product line and Toronto salons give the media an easy one-stop shop for hair advice, celebrity stories, celebrity, trends and products.

What qualities are most important to you when hiring a PR team member?
In addition to outstanding social skills, I never underestimate the ability to be organized, to pay attention to detail (almost to the point of being obsessive) and a willingness to learn.

Who is your mentor or professional in the industry you admire?
My boss, the Senior Director of Global Marketing & PR. She is class all the way. She shows the people who work for her the utmost respect, which goes a long way when it’s crunch time.

What are your feelings about how PR has been positioned in the media in more recent years, on popular TV shows?
These shows have definitely created more awareness about the industry, and I’m sure a lot of young people are becoming more interested in the field. However, as with most TV shows, they are only able to touch on the “glamorous” part of the profession. I doubt we’d ever see Samantha Jones and her team packing up press kits, updating press databases, sourcing materials or negotiating with agencies.

What’s your biggest piece of advice for PR pros, both junior and senior?
Love what you do and do it with passion. The best ideas come from those who are emotionally invested in what they do.

What do you love most about your job?
I love that no day is every the same. I also love the fast pace – the days when you think you won’t get everything complete but somehow pull a rabbit out of a hat.

A little more from the fourth floor:
Designer: Michael Kors, Tory Birch.
Store: Winners.
Book: The Book of Negroes by Lawrence Hill. 
Snack: Tostitos and hummus.
Season: Spring.
Sexy: Big hair.
Inspiration: All of the women in my family.
Drink: Coffee or anything hot.
Motto in two words: Don’t worry.
Idea of perfect happiness: A million-dollar shopping spree on accessories!
Indulgence: Accessories and anything shiny.
Celebrity crush: Leo.
Favourite tweeter to follow: @miss_marilisa