City Living: The Curl Ambassadors

Finding that special hair stylist who makes all your hair dreams come true is a challenge for any girl but it can be especially difficult for girls with curly or thick hair. Some stylists just don’t have a sense of how to cut and style curly hair and don’t realize that these locks require specialized products (and maybe a little extra TLC, too).

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That’s why we love the gals at The Curl Ambassadors (159 Harbord St.). Founded by two ladies who have lived through all the trials and tribulations of having curly hair, (Betty and Caroline) the Ambassadors is located in a space that is Victorian-inspired and couldn’t be cuter. The cozy salon employs a group of stylists who specialize in cutting and styling all types of curly hair. 

Not only do the Ambassador’s stylists understand curly hair (“we all know that it’s usually not about the length — it’s about the shape”), the salon also carries an unbelievable inventory of curl-taming products.

Most of the products they carry are nearly impossible to find in Canada. Products such as Mixed Chicks, geared toward women of mixed race is not available anywhere else in Canada. Other great products available at The Curl Ambassadors include  Kinky Curly, Uncle Funky’s Daughter and Carol’s Daughter. These products do an amazing job of wrangling curls for women of all ethnicities and they are all-natural and sulphate free.

The salon’s exclusive product list, plus the fact that every customer gets a free tutorial on how to style their new cut, definitely makes the Curl Ambassadors the curly hair experts in our books. 

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In fact, the salon’s dedicated clients love the Ambassadors so much that a new location opened this year at 9100 Jane Street in Vaughan.  
Want to book an appointment? Check out the Curl Ambassadors online. If you’re not in love with your curls already, you will be after your first visit. 

Fashion-able: Summer hair

With humidity, chlorine and the dreaded bike helmet, summer can be a hard season for hair. #badhairday.

We turned to beauty expert and John Frieda ambassador, Bahar Niramwalla for a little ‘do Q-and-A.

On the Fourth Floor: Days by the pool are making our hair dry and damaged. What to do?

Bahar Niramwall: To fix your ‘fro, use a quarter-size amount of hydrating smoothing cream over the whole head to give moisture to the hair. Next, grab the John Frieda® Volume Curls 1 1/2” Curling Iron and wrap hair around it, holding the ends in your fingers. The heat from the curling iron will seal the cuticle and help the hair to lay flat, which will reflect light better and give the hair a smoother appearance. Also, you’ll end up with a fab beachy look, a la Kate Hudson.
Use this: 

To get this: 
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OTFF: We like to bike, which results in sweat and the unflattering “matted down” look. What’s a quick fix?
BN: With summertime heat comes sweating, but a dry shampoo (such as Ojon’s Rub-Out Dry Cleansing Spray) and the John Frieda® Full Volume Dryer can offer a quick fix after biking. Apply the dry shampoo on your roots, brush gently and use the Full Volume Dryer on the cool and medium speed settings, flip head upside down and dry for five minutes. Voila, ready for a post work event.
Look like this:

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With this: 
OTFF: How do we fight the summertime frizz?
BN: Curly- or wavy-haired gals should give their hair a break and go au naturel as much as possible in the summer, like Sienna Miller. Let curls run wild, but first apply a frizz-taming product. After, flip head upside down and gently scrunch hair from the ends to the roots. Finally, use John Frieda® Full Volume Dryer with the diffuser attachment and flip head back upside down. Blow dry on medium speed, alternating warm and cool settings and, again, move from the back of the head to the front (using a cooler setting will help reduce any further damage). The ionic conditioning from the dryer will also help to reduce frizz and seal the cuticle so hair won’t take on a frizzy life of its own.

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