City Living: Going Green

summer had some sizzling heat waves that left us in need of a swim or
at least an old-school run through the sprinkler. With these record-setting temperatures, one major concern comes to mind: climate change. We are putting a strain on our natural
resources and while this is a sad reality, there are ways we can all ease
the stress that we’re causing our beautiful planet.  

We’ve compiled a list of easy, very do-able,
green ideas that can go a long way to inspire your inner David Suzuki.

1. Wash in cold water whenever possible.

Ninety per cent of the energy used in
washing clothes goes towards heating the water. 
It turns out that using cold water actually saves
the equivalent amount of energy as driving nine miles in a car.  

2. Avoid bottled water. 
not good value, it’s no healthier than tap water and, more importantly, it
causes a lot of waste. Bottled water produces up to 1.5 million tons of plastic waste per year and more than 80 per cent of plastic bottles are simply thrown away.

3. Stop idling.
Idling produces more emissions per minute than
which generates needless greenhouse gas emissions.  And it’s expensive – idling wastes more than $100 a year
per vehicle.

4. Unplug chargers and small appliances when
they’re not being used. 

In the average home, nearly 75 per cent of
all electricity used to power electronics is consumed by products that are switched

5. De- junk in your mailbox.
Junk mail destroys 100 million trees a year.  For more information, visit and put a stop to junk mail overflowing your mailbox.

6. Consider some homemade beauty products and home

Avoid all those nasty chemicals on your skin and unnecessary packaging, by using common household ingredients to make your own beauty recipes for a sea salt body scrub, a revitalizing face mask and an end-of-day
foot spa. 

7. Host a clothing swap party.

Invite your pals over to swap clothes and accessories for a new spin on your old wardrobe. Bonus: Not only is it less expensive than hitting the mall, but a it’s great chance to trade with your friend for that awesome shirt you’ve been eyeing.

there you have it- some awesome and easy ways to be a better friend to our
planet.  With these tips you can join the
likes of celebrities going green like Cameron Diaz or Leonardo DiCaprio, or adopt Rachel McAdams’s attitude that “green is sexy.”  It is, isn’t it?

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