Rave: Inception

One of the cool things about being a part of a PR company is that we are invited to special previews, tastings and other sneak peeks. Last week, I was invited to the premiere of Christopher Nolan’s Inception (thanks, Warner Bros!).  I couldn’t have been more impressed and immersed in the film. In the not-so-distant future (we don’t quite know when this is happening), thieves are hired by multi-national companies to go into your dreams and ‘steal’ insider information. Cool stuff.
Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio), the best dream thief in the world, is hired to enter Robert Fischer, Jr.’s (Cillian Murphy) dreams and plant an idea, instead of taking one. This job is complex, highly dangerous and has never been done before. Naturally, Cobb has a major incentive to take the risk — Why? I won’t reveal for fear of giving away the twist.

At this point in the film, I thought Inception was going to be similar to Oceans 11 or The Italian Job. Not only because it was an “impossible heist” flick, but because of the all-star cast (Michael Caine, Ellen Page, Tom Berenger and many more). I was wrong. I’m calling this film a psychological-metaphysical-sci-fi-action-love story. It’s emotional, fast paced, and well-oiled. Nolan knows what he’s doing.

The rich world he created, made even more stunning with a moving score, is simply explained so that the abstract ideas about our dream world make tangible sense. Rather than a Memento-like riddle, as complex as it is, this film is easily digestible. Translating dream worlds to the big screen is not always easy, and can quickly turn into an incomprehensible mess (Vanilla Sky).

With Inception, you walk out of the film equally excited about the story and by the power of cinema on the big screen.

Matt Austin Sadowski is rock-it promotions’ Creative Director, as well as a successful film director. His most recent documentary, Don’t You Forget About Me, about the late John Hughes, was featured on CNN, Variety, Globe and Mail and many more.  Twitter – @mattyaustin